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  1. Had it about a month (from new) and it just doesnt comare to the gun (SBE) I had from 94-97. Doesn't cycle fast enough, doesn't take the extra shell on the tray, and it recoils WAY MORE than I remember! Would a sure cycle system help, and if so how? I want a gun from the heyday of HK/Benelli. HELP
  2. yeah just got done with 59+hrs OT. Have been busy... Anyway Steve that M4 seems to miss the whole point of the benelli design... Gas operated, no? And I just got this gun... It would wound my fragile psyche too much to admit I was wrong. I mean, M1 Super 90! it's always been the hallmark of tactical shotguns...
  3. Wait don't spend yer money yet. I'm pretty unhappy with my m1 and its NEW. Had a SBEI (first version) seemed much better with recoil, speed, etc.
  4. uh, what's the difference between M1 super 90 and M2? I just bought a new m1s90 to replace the SBE I sold (Yes I know) in 1997... Firing it makes me mad-- it's not as fast as I remember, slugs hurt WAY more, and I can't jam that extra round on the feed tray ( I;ve got a HK catalog from 93 that BRAGS about this feature-- why'd they 86 it? And does anyone remember the name of the gunsmith in Arkansas who modifies them back?
  5. yes 22 X 2 3/4 ... Thats like 5 or 6 FEET long! The limey's puttin us on
  6. hey I'd try it-- I.m still not convinced that the m1 would fail to function with all that hanging off of it-- isn't the whole concept based on the "INERTIA (nee Montefeltro bolt) DRIVE" BS? Would that setup even FIT an M1?
  7. hey what are the chances of that system being made for the M! super90? Or is inertia (**** Newton!) a problem?
  8. big fish


    uh, yeah I read all the stuff the company posted. I like the feedback from real users. Thanks FN
  9. big fish


    Anyone have any info about surefire dedicated flashlight foreends (other than they're $$$)
  10. cals only has em in camo... Try google or gunbroker
  11. big fish

    side saddle

    okay, I've had this M1 Super 90 for 6 days, and I want to put some mods on it (I'd appreciate any direction given towards web sites-sales or ideas) Particularly interested in side shell carrier but WHERE THE HECK does it mount to? the side of my receiver has no points to place it... Also anyone have any experience with Meprolight M25 shotgun optic? I've got meps on a Glock 17 and they are great [ 05-16-2005, 09:44 AM: Message edited by: big fish ]
  12. big fish


    Uh, okay we'll consider the MAD MAX question "As read", and it was a bit silly. Nevertheless I press on-- Does anyone have any info on the 'wad squad' SWAT 12 choke systems? (including that gnarly breacher attatch.)
  13. big fish


    listen, I didn't join this page to be trifled with... I know a little bit about firearms and fieldcraft but not all that much about shotguns and don't need any smart answers. Just got a new Benelli M1 and am looking foward to becoming as profiecent with it as I am with... Well you're so smart I guess I don't have to tell you.
  14. big fish


    hey does anyone know about these 'mad max' chokes for the m1? Can one safely fire buckshot & slugs through them? I'm not particularly stricken by looks but must add they really look cool!
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