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  1. I mainly hunt around water so the obvious choice is synthetic but I love the wood look how much is a synthetic stock purchased separately? How difficult is it to swap out? Any suggestions on where to buy? Thanks for your time and info. as you can see im kind of on the fence with this one.
  2. What do you think of the wood stock? Very high quality stock? Really much a difference in recoil compared to ComforTech? How much do synthetic or wood stocks cost separately? I also have never even seen one at a dealer to get the feel, so just wondering what some of your opinions are as well.
  3. If I am going to get a benelli semi-auto what should it be I was dead set on the super black eagle II but now I am looking at the m1. I hunt waterfowl mostly but I do a little of everything. Should I just go all out and buy the sbe II?
  4. wow.... u have a super black eagle and dont know how to take the plug out. well anyways if u hunt u need it in anyways.
  5. lol i had that same thing happen to me when i called wall mart aboutif they had any hevi-shot they didnt know jack about anything!!!!!!!!
  6. I have a small trap thrower and I typically just throw them straight out it sort of boring and I was wondering how I can practice some different shots and wich ones are the most important to practice.( i do alot of pass shootingon birds) or how u guys practice shooting. Thanks.
  7. i shoot primos jelly head extra full in my 870 and it patterns great but i want to get a full choke that i can shoot steel. what is a good full choke that can take steel?
  8. lol hold up the 7-11..........no but hey thanks for the imput i know its worth the money but my money is slowly comen in and thats a way better way to look at it "The question should be is it worth the sacrifices you have to make in order to get this gun? " thanks. o and i didnt mean to do have the pole i couldnt get it off lol but ya thanks guys.
  9. yes on most chocks u can but u should get one thats made specifically for hevi shot thats what i did and it patterns great. but everygun is diffrent. but good luck with thoes patterns.
  10. ok well i have an 870 super mag and i like it but i really want semi-auto. and i have read so much about love what i hear. i also know its a big step up and everything but i know i would have the gun for many years to. ok heres the tuff part it would be about 3 quarters of my summer money. i really want to get in to shotgunning . i know this isnt the best upland gun or anything but it seems like the best for all around shootn. o and im like hooked on shotting 3 1/2in. so its seems perfect. but is it worth alot of my money?
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