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  1. Radio reception is Line of Sight (LOS). The radio waves travel in a straight line and do not bend around the curvature of the earth. At night you get the skybounce affect where the waves will bounce off the ionosphere and reception often is much longer. In a forest or in a city, radio waves are blocked by trees, hills, building, etc, so range is even less. A radio up on a hill with a straight shot to another radio will have pretty good range.
  2. Anyone have a web site where I can purchase a shell catcher for my 12 gauge SBEll. Thanks
  3. Carlson has the choke tubes in extended Crio: http://www.choketube.com/benelli.html Just bought one for my SBEll and it looks like a good quality choke (although I'm no expert).
  4. Can anyone give me an internet source for SBEll choke tubes? I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks
  5. Well, I managed to lose the little lever that allows you to pull the bolt back for my Benelli SBEll with the comfort tech recoil reduction system. I sent Benelli an e-mail asking where I can buy a couple of replacement parts but I don't expect a quick reply from them. Does anyone on this board know where I can get some pretty quick turn-around replacements part? I'll want to procure a spare or two for the future. Thanks
  6. The Bereta extended chokes will fit the Benelli SBEll [ 06-16-2005, 09:15 AM: Message edited by: stress-relief ]
  7. I have a set of the Leica 1200 rangefinders. Very compact and light and the visual optics are very clear.
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