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  1. I think i may have left the wrong impression... I have only actually found one brand that most certainly will not hold 8 shots in the tube, and that is nobelsport buckshot. it will hold 8 of everything else i have tried (including but not limited to, federal, winchester, remington, and fiocchi). just in case you didnt know, the bayonet lug will accept anything m7 and up, i personally picked the m7 because compared to the m9 its more of a bayonet than a utility knife. by the way, when you consider my opinion to SgtCathy's, you should note that i have only owned my 590 for about a mo
  2. yes i own a 590SP 9-shot. And i own a benelli nova (not supernova) and my nova, which i spent 120$ LESS on, i like more. All the parts appear to be higher in quality. Take notice that the 590 magazine may not hold 8 shots depending on the ammo type and manufacturer, it will hold just barely 8 winchester military grade ammo, which has a crimped length of approxamately 2.34" so if the overall length of the unfired shotshells you plan on using exceeds that, dont expect it to hold 8 of them. however it will hold 8 typical shells that measure 2.29" with about 1/2" of extra space. dont g
  3. What do you prefer to use on your shotgun for sighting? I mean in general, not for one specific purpose. I can’t decide, all types seem to have their own unique advantages, but what is the best compromise for a multi-role shotgun? I ask because I am looking for something to put on my new Mossberg 590. It came with a brass bead sight, and I have always had trouble mastering the bead. Plus I want be able to shoot slugs relatively accurately. So I’m looking for something else to put on it… I looked into getting a decent set of ghost ring sights, and it looks like my only choices are LPA, MM
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a fiber optic front sight that will fit the nova pump? Also is there a way to remove the sighting bead from a standard shotgun without damaging the the brass bead itself?
  5. what facts did he get incorrect might you say? for one thing, it is highly unlikely that any person on this forum knows what soap I use, weather or not I take a shower, my height, weight, hair color, eye color, color of my skin, basicly all physicle features would be impossible to determine. In the event of a person knowing any of those things without me telling, than they would have looked at my records, or is spying on me. And if you can be so sure that his facts are right than you must have done one of those two, that is an invasion of privacy. I would have to report it to the Federal B
  6. There is one at midway for about 80 bucks but I am not sure this is what you want. look at the bottom of this page, there are two of them. http://www.midwayusa.com/ebrowse.exe/browse?tabid=9&categoryid=12967&categorystring=10636***10560***11422***12461***
  7. Hey tucker before you go and comment get your facts strait. On another note I have already bought the Ruger 10/22 a few days ago, my pickup date is june 28th. It looks nice, I looked at an exploded drawing of one and the stock is very simple. So it will be easier for me to make a laminated stock.
  8. But the closest I have ever shot a varmit was about 250 yds away, (I haven't hunted varmit very much). And now a 223 or 22-250 will still smoke out at that range, the high velocity .17 HMR maybe, but I would never try anything like that with a .22 LR. I shot that at the range once and at 100 yds the drop was terrible. And If you may be able to calculate the drop for that range but even if it hits its target youll end up tracking unless it was a beetle. And at 500 yds it will leave a nasty welt. Of course most of that statement above was exaggeration.
  9. Now see I don't think it is such a good idea to hunt any kind of game with rimfire I mean look at the size of what your using, its so small. I could only use centerfire cartridges for hunting with a big shell and high velocity and energy. Just for reference the speed of sound in controlled enviorment with the temp at 30 degrees celcius it is 1180 feet per second, or 340 meters per second. and the lower the temperature the higher the velocity its a change, it's about 1 m/s for every 2 degree shift. and I wont go into humidity, what I will say is that higher humidity higher velocity. so say
  10. what was failed to be mentioned before was the fact that you can simply use a rifled slug in the smooth barrel. I would not go for the new shotgun because you are only going on one outing and probably don't plan on using the shotgun all the time. and even If you just wanted to have fun target shooting with slugs, they cost a lot of $$$$$. If I were you I would just go with the smooth bore with the rifled slugs. they are pretty accurate.
  11. Which brand of ammunition do you prefer, according to overall standards. So not best performance or price but what is equally balanced in all areas.
  12. Hey cherok9878; why don't you give it a rest. did I ever really do anything to you? If I have insulted you please tell. Or you could you know just not respond to this post and pretend that it was never here, and keep wasting your time and at the same time making an enemy. the less enemies you have the better. I do not understand why you hold this grudge over nothing really, and now all of your posts are wasted on relating to me. there are a few possabilities here 1 you don't have a life 2 you won't get over anything or let anything go 3 your just a sick person that gets s
  13. Alright I have my nova with me right now and let me see if I can match your arial photo from 1934 to what I can see... Ohhh It doesn't look like an arial photo when I zoom in... Yes that "hole" is normal I don't know the purpose of it but it has always been there on mine.
  14. ok it was a spelling error but its word you freaking pyscho's. you guys really have that much time on your hands. and mudhen, well your not that annoying. tucker; cut the crap for once will ya, just for a few days so I can perscribe for some prozac
  15. ri·dic·u·lous ( P ) Pronunciation Key (r-dky-ls) adj. Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See Synonyms at foolish. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [From Latin rdiculus, laughable, from rdre, to laugh.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ri·dicu·lous·ly adv. ri·dicu·lous·ness n.
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