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  1. Thanks Tymber, that does help and gives me much to think about. Imagine if you had a modified choke you might get some very interesting groups. Do you have a sighting device, red-dot/scope/that kind of thing?
  2. Don't know the laws in your country - but if the threat was real to me - I would chop the barrel and stock and fashion a ready-sling so that the sg rides at a ready to go angle. Choke? open it up wide. the pattern of a sg is tight inside a house unless your place has long spans of halls, etc. You have yourself a very reliable base gun - My M1 Super90 is a hunter and has about 20K rounds w/o failure.
  3. Yes GG, that was my understanding as well. Good point. If this becomes a favorite hunting place then I may have to get more serious, but it is only one outing.
  4. Butch, you and Ryan of Colorado haev help big time. thank you both so much. I will check out that website. I am always up to learning. I am disappointed I cannot use my rifle but understand why, this hunting area is very close to non-hunting recreation and a freeway. I am actually amazed they allow hunting in the first place! Thanks again.
  5. Ahhhh, good thinking there! Non-Sabot's will be the way to go. Thanks a bunch!!!
  6. Thanks Coloradoryan. You are right, it does make sense to buy eiter a separate barrel or entirely new shotgun if a lot of slug shooting is to be done. So far this looks like a one time deal. Hmmm, a reason to get a new shotgun , I like that.
  7. Has anyone used this combination? My friend wants to go pig hunting where only shotguns are allowed and all my shotguns are smoothbores. I imagine accurace may suck beyond 50 yds but this won't damage my shotgun will it? Thanks
  8. Hey Colorado - you make sense here, maybe I was partially looking for a reason to get a new shotgun... but non the less, you make sense.
  9. I am very partial to Benelli, hence my finding this site, and I am looking at buying a new single purpose shotgun for home protection. I hunt with my Nova, M1Super90, and SBE - and had nothing but fun and good times with them. A couple of years ago I was given a Remington Marine Magnum as part of a trade (18" Nickle-coated, 6+1 cyl-choke). Shot it twice for fun - it worked fine. Here I am looking at a home protection gun and thinking I already have this Remington - but then I thought to get the Nova Tactical for two reasons. First, its manual-of-arms is exactly that of my hunting Nov
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