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  1. Hey i love the show it is funny but they dont give ya too much action at the hunt.
  2. ConfuzedGun


    Hey guys took your advice and went and bought a NEW Benelli Nova. I think it is a great choice.
  3. ConfuzedGun


    Hey everybody I have found a Nova at my local GanderMountain and it is $300 i think this is a great gun for me and it fits me great. I was wondering how it does in good weather and does it pump well. Any other info is welcome.
  4. Alright will do I will get some help if I cant make it .
  5. Hey guys I will be getting a new gun. I need to know what a good one for me would be I would be going from a 11-87 pump to maybe a 12 i need more power for our geese hunting. Please HELP
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