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  1. well again it is illegal here...do you think that if I bought it I could store it at your house? RL
  2. thanks...glad you like the pics The C-more was ok I guess but dot reticles are not my favourite..I prefer the chevrons and circle-dot RL
  3. I am trying to decide which red dot sight to get for my M4...I had the opportunity to look at and / or try a number of options this weekend including the C-More, Trijicon Reflex, Aimpoint, EOTech, ACOG ( ), and tasco...here are some thoughts and pics... Trijicon Reflex I am happy to report that the Trijicon reflex is not as bad as I thought in terms of washout...they actually let me take the sight out into the parking lot where I was able to test it in varying light conditions from shade to almost direct sunlight and i was able to see the dot at all times. (and that was WITHOUT th
  4. Don't take this the wrong way...but i am in love with your gun! I have an M4 but the M1 tacticals are prohibited here in Canada...anyway, I was stateside this weekend and I had the pleasure of handling the M1 practical and tactical...it made me cry if it was not for our stupid gun laws I would have walked out of the store with the practical...one of the coolest shotguns I have ever seen RL [ 05-01-2006, 07:24 PM: Message edited by: RL1 ]
  5. RL1

    Another M4 vid

    http://www.fototime.com/8B62E6FFB852FB6/orig.wmv With a Busse AK-47 (American Kansai 47cm) With a Fabarm Pro Forces (and Strider AR ranger green) for comparo and a fabarm vid http://www.fototime.com/F14114566F129F9/orig.wmv RL
  6. Now on to the kill house...RL1 shooting at a low target hiding under a desk reloading under cover and shooting at a high target through the door We end the day with a full on assault on the Boss of all targets...I think we got it Better cover just to make sure! RL
  7. Pfbgmd shooting clay targets with my Fabarm Pro Forces And transitioning to pistol Pfbgmd doing the stage again with his SW 625 revolver Speaking of handguns, here's RL1 doing his Angelina Jolie impersonation...WOW that was fun!
  8. [REPOSTED FROM ANOTHER BOARD] Thanks again to badboybeeson for an AWESOME day of tactical shotgun/handgun shooting! I learned a lot and had a GREAT time! Some of our toys And the range setup...clay, paper, and steel targets as well as a "kill house" Badboybeeson gearing up under the watchful eye of a seasoned Mall Ninja RL1 geared up A special pic for all the safety nazis pfbgmd and RL1 Badboybeeson about to run stage 1 Gailamir in stage 1
  9. RL1

    benelli 800

    how about a pic? RL
  10. awesome! and cool Surefire M3 and Mercworx blade..I am into knives as well (I moderate a knife forum on another board)..here's my Benelli with my Mad Dog Panther RL
  11. thanks...and I wish Red Cobra The Mark 23 is at the top of my "to buy" list!! RL
  12. Naahhhhh...i don't look like John Lovitz at all RL
  13. First some screen shots... And now some vids Indoor http://www.likestuff.com/guns/videos/ShootersChoice01/Benelli01.wmv http://www.likestuff.com/guns/videos/ShootersChoice01/Benelli02.wmv Outdoor http://www.fototime.com/A38230602F3C28A/orig.avi RL
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