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  1. Bing

    50mm scope on R1

    You will need to go with a medium or high base ring. I use a 50mm on my R1 and a high base Burris signature ring set. No need to shim the base.
  2. I am sorry,I forgot to say that my R1 has the comforttech system. When I took it to the range the first time I also brought along my 308 for comparion. After shooting both my son and I both agreed that you felt more recoil with the 308. The 308 is a savage model 99. I was shooting 165 hornady factory ammo in the 300 and winchester 150 in 308. So based on that and shooting 20,000 rounds in my Super sport I would say that the Comfortech System works.
  3. There is nothing that the 30-06 will do that the 300 will not do better. Sure you may pay more for the ammo but you are getting better performance. As for the recoil I just got the 300 win mag in the R1 and the system works. But I have been shooting the say R1 system all summer in my Super Sport so I was certain it would help in the rifle. 300 win mag- bigger-better-faster-harder!!!!!!!
  4. I recently bought the R 1 comfortech in the 300 win mag. Took it and my 3 0 8 to the range last week. The R 1 had about the same recoil as my 3 0 8. If your worried about recoil I would think the 30-06 in the comfortech would be something you may want to check out.
  5. Bing

    R1 Scope Mounts

    I used Burris signature series. If you have never tried them they work better than any ring I have ever used. And they do not mark the scope!
  6. Bing


    Thank you! I understand the legal aspects. But the trigger on my super sport is much better than the r 1
  7. Bing


    I just picked up an r 1 rifle. Love the gun but it has the worst trigger that I have ever had. Does anybody make a replacement for it.
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