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  1. Tucker, are the redesigned stocks on the ShortTrac and LongTrac BAR Stalkers the same as on the wood stocked models. i.e., euro styling? Will the BAR S/T and L/T Mossy Oak Break-up model be available then also? alakso
  2. Nice rifle Tucker301, I'm also very interested in the AR10 and it's clones for hunting here in Maine. But I can't find one anywhere near 7 lbs.. Thought about building one on an Eagle Arms lower, add a nice fluted 20" tube, and maybe I could get it down under 8lbs.? Where I hunt here in Maine I do a lot of tracking and need a light weight semi auto for hunting the mountains and cedar swamps. I've seriously considered the R1. I've been checking them out at some local shops and they are nice. The trigger on the ones I've handled were decent so maybe Benelli is getting their act together on
  3. alakso

    New Calibers

    Any new calibers planned for the R1? A 7mm-08 and a .338 would be nice additions. alakso
  4. I talked to Garth at Leupold and he told me that their BAR QR bases will fit an R1.
  5. With the ARGO system we should be able to shoot HE ammo. No matter what Federal says! Also what are the reloading parameters for the R1 in 30-06?
  6. Never shot an R1 in .300 Win Mag. But I like these bullets, bullet weights, and ammo companies for the .300 Win Mag. Winchester: 180 gr. Fail Safes Federal Premium: 180 gr. Nosler Partition 180 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw I wonder if we can use any of the High Energy ammo offered in 30-06 and .300 Win Mag in a Benelli R1? Also what is the Max cup pressure we can reload in an R1?
  7. IMHO the Leica's are awesome but pricey. I like the Leupold Wind River RB800, 8x32, Leupold Quality, 2 yr. guarantee, and decent price.
  8. alakso

    ComforTech R1

    Thanks Nelli Girl for all your help and info. To bad the barrel length on the ComforTech '06 is 22". Can a person order a ComforTech R1 with the '06 20" carbine barrel? If you don't mind Nelli Girl I have some more questions. Which Gel cheek/comb pad is shipped with this rifle? Will other sizes be available? What types of open sight are available from Benelli for the R1? Also tell my friends at Benelli that ComforTech R1's in 7mm-08 (just take one of those .308 barrels and stop at .284, lol) and .338 Win mag would be awesome! Woliwon (Thanks in Penobscot) Nelli Girl
  9. alakso

    ComforTech R1

    Does anybody have any additional info on the ComforTech R1, i.e. release date, price, etc.? Also does anybody make fiber optic sights, or peep sights for an R1? And will the new ComforTech R1 come with a low comb for iron sights and a high comb for scopes? And finally will the R1 ever be offered in 7mm-08?
  10. ComforTech Stock w/low and high comb included 7mm-08 with 20" barrel Better trigger Fiber optic sights
  11. Use TW-25B, and Corrosion X for firearms. This is what I use in the Extremes of Alaska and it's GREAT stuff! Alakso www.mil-comm.com/main.cfm? www.corrosionx.com/gun_use.html
  12. DVC doesn't refinish stocks anymore. Know of any more companies or products for refinishing my R1 stock in Black? Your help is very much appreciated as I hate these ugly wood stocks. The day of the wood stock is gone. Hopefully Benelli will get up to speed on this. Or maybe they use their ugly wood to pad their profits. alakso
  13. Anyone know if Benelli has Synthetic stocks for the R1? If not, does anybody know where to find some from the aftermarket? And if no again does anybody know of a good product to blacken the wood stocks? Alakso
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