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  1. I have a 12ga., black syynthetic,26 in. barrel Nova for sale.I t comes with a Limbsaver slipon recoil pad and a H.S. Tightwad turkey choke, as well as the factory chokes, plug and manual. I will also include a Bob Allen 6 choke soft case. The stock has been shortened by 1/4" so it will no longer take a factory recoil pad, which in my opinion was a piece of rock hard crap anyway. Price is $250.00 firm . Would prefer to sell locally. I am in Durham NC.
  2. I cut the stock off 1/4" and used a limbsaver slip on pad. if you decide to cut the stock go a little at I time. You probably don't need 2in. I have very short arms and you may be suprised how much difference a 1/4 to 1/2 in. will make.
  3. Thanks for the replies.Kingarmory-is that the 12ga.Legacy?
  4. I've seen comments on these guns here before so I thought I would ask.Will the 12ga.Legacy Escort or Remington SPR453 semi autos reliably cycle light loads such as Rem. game loads and Wallyworld Federal or Win. I know the SPR453 has an adjustable gas system but I question how well it works.I need to go to a less recoiling gun for doves and targets.I have already gone the recoil reducer route on my pumps and don't like the extra weight. I use limbsaver pads but with age my shoulder/neck seems to be able to take less recoil each season.I am hoping to find a used beretta, Browning Gold,etc. but t
  5. I would like to trade my 26in. black 12ga. Nova barrel for a 24in. any takers?
  6. I'm sold on the Tightwad. It's made by Primos or H.S. I'm not near my gun right now to check. It patterns great out to 50 yds. although I haven't had to soot a bird that far yet. I've killed 2 birds at 30 yds. and 1 at 20yds. and all 3 dropped stone cold dead. One of the great features of this choke is it sells at Cabelas for around $20.00.
  7. Sorry Tucker and GW. Digital camera wasn't working. I do have pictures being developed from one of those one-time use cameras. If they turn out would it be possible to scan them in and post them? Would the quality be worthwhile? As to hunting in another state, that's just not in the budget this year. With the current gas prices I was barely able to hunt here. I drive from 1/2 to 1 1/2 hrs. to hunt.
  8. Killed a nice gobbler Sat. morning. 20lb., 10in. beard, 1 1/4in. spurs. Called him right in. NC allows 2 birds a season so with the jake I got opening day my season is over. Can't wait till next year! Good luck to all who still have some huntin' left!
  9. Got my first opening day turkey this Sat. morning. Got a big 17lb. jake with a 4 in. beard at about 30 yds. This makes two shots-two kills with my combo of Nova-Primos Tightwad choke-Win. 3.5, #5's, HV. Got one more to go this season. Good luck to all.
  10. hollombj1

    super nova

    I too have a Nova with the Primos TightWad. I killed my first gobbler with it last season using Win. 3.5 high velocity- 2oz. of #5's. Pole axed that sucker at about 30 yds. Amazing what that $20.00 choke will do! Enjoy your new gun.
  11. Anybody out there want to sell a 12ga. Nova 24 in. barrel, or trade for a 26in. Mine is black but I would take a camo.
  12. I have sighted in a couple of shotguns with opticle sights by starting out with light game loads.There are some differences in where the patterns center between the loads,but it has never taken me more than 2 heavy loads ( 3 1/2 in.) to get on center after starting light. Yardage depends on what your going to regularly shoot at. For turkey I like to zero at 40, shoot one at 50, and one at 15-20 in case I get one close. I do this any time I change loads, Hope this helps.
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