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  1. what would be the best choke to use with a rifled slug mod. or ic are what was ya'lls best results with 3" or 3 1/2" another ? on the s/n how can i make the slide or pump action on it easy to slide........ with the set screws on both sides of it??? it is allful tight to move it when not beening shot
  2. i was wondering what was the best choke for using 00 buckshot or if it was a good idea to do so or best to go with a smaller size shot of buckshot before trying it out and also i have a smooth bore s/n what would be a good choice of slug for use with it without a rifled barrel or would it hurt the barrel in any way not being rifled thanks for any help and any comments
  3. pdiddy

    Carlson Chokes

    i was wondering if anyone has used the dead coyote choke by carlson and if so what did you use it for, and would it be a good choke for deer hunting. if anyone has any suggestions on what choke would be better than the regular mod or full that comes with it. or would that be my best bet to use the full choke. thanks in advance:confused:
  4. pdiddy

    Slug Barrel

    hey guys and gals just wondering if anyone on here knows where i can find a slug barrel for my super nova 12 ga. checked several spots but the are selling the who gun open sights is good for me thanks to all
  5. nice birds mudhen keep on callin and killin
  6. don't know how many are from mississippi here , but we have a new nontypical turkey record the pic is in the local paper and on the books in state records go to the site that follows and click on sports at top and scroll down to where it says burnsville man kills new state record it has picture of it believe it or not 7 beards on it proofs is in the picture i couldn't beleive it either www.djournal.com
  7. i was wondering how many of you use tom teasers calls and if they are worth ordering them over some of the other brands that my local sporting store has to offer (like knight&hale, primos, quaker boy just to name a few) any and all input will help. thanks the site is www.tomteasers.com
  8. pdiddy

    super nova

    thats for the replys just wanted to see if it was the same as they advertise for the autos of bennelli you know never freeze up and come though in all conditions thanks for all input
  9. pdiddy

    super nova

    i was wondering how many of you have the supernova, and what kind of conditions ya'll have put it though and will it stand up to them and perform in them as well as the high end ones will (sbe2)
  10. pdiddy

    super nova

    some of you told me to put the stoeger back on the shelf and get a real shotgun and so i did i got the supernova it was the best thing i have done in a long time as far as buying something it is the smoothest pump gun i've ever shot and throws a heck of a pattern with the primos tight wad .655 choke just wanted to say thanks to the ones of you who helped me make my decision on this, and sorry for the ones who found out the hard way
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