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  1. R1 Ridges

    R1 Trigger

    I never got used to it and I don't think it was that particular gun. Although I improved the trigger pull some myself, I struggled with the creep and the position of the safety. There is little a gunsmith can do to this trigger that will help because of the design of the safety rocker. I traded mine in for a Tikka a few weeks ago and I am hoping that Benelli gets this fixed. Like you said, it comes up sweet and handles nice.
  2. I blamed myself for the first 40 rounds or so, and then I picked up my old trusty Remington and grouped well. My father-in-law, a former member of the US Rifle team, couldn't get it to group any better. Like I said, in the Army, I literally got to shoot and take care of every gun in the arms room. That's not to say I don't pull occasionally, but I have shot some. Yup, I usually blame myself first and then work hard to work through the problems. I am very meticulous and really wanted this to work out.
  3. I bought an R1 30.06 last year with a wooden stock. I don't believe that the stock has anything to do with my disappointment with the accuracy. In my opinion, it's the trigger. The creep and the pull weight, (I believe Tucker described it as a brick to a brick in a half) is the root of most of my heartache. While I was in the US Army I served as the armorer for my company for a while. I was responsible for all of our weapons so I was able, (following Tucker's post), to improve the trigger pull weight, but I am still not totally happy with it. I actually plan on trading it in this week.
  4. I love the look of the comfortech, but looks aren't everything. And functionally, I suspect a good recoil pad does the same thing. I would rather Benelli focus on how to improve the trigger, move the safety button back in the trigger guard and some how fix the owners manual. It seems they translated it from Italian, to Japanese, to Chinese and then into English. It is a great feeling and handling gun, but there is something wrong when I can get better groups with my $200 muzzleloader.
  5. Unfortunately, I haven't shot it again since cleaning it. (Work is getting in the way) But, I can certainly see why cleaning under the plunger was the problem. It was pretty "gooped up". I thought I had been cleaning the thing pretty good, but I didn't know about taking that plunger off. Hopefully that's it. Hunting season starts here next week and I'll try it again before I go and let you know. If it doesn't work, I'm back to the old bolt action.
  6. I had the exact same thing happen last weekend, (see .06 issues in this forum) I was told to remove and clean the plunger assembly. I found quite a bit of build up and oil in there. I haven't shot it since, but I can see why it was a problem. I'll let you know if it works.
  7. I do have the spring on mine and that doesn't seem to loosen. I did get the plunger off and there was some build up under there and I cleaned it up. Hopefully that's all that it is. I actually misread the earlier post and removed the O rings. If you pinch the side of the rings, it will bump one end up, and then just roll it off. These R1 are easy to work on, but I am always worried that I'll loose some of these little parts. The trigger work is done and, although I need to try it on the range, it seems much better. I was careful and I don't need to add any steel back on. The rocker
  8. R1 Ridges

    .06 Issues

    I bought a new R1 this past February with my work bonus and was able to only shoot it for the second time this past weekend. The first time it took a while to settle in and the trigger gave me some fits, but I eventually got a 1" group about 1" high at 100 yards using 165 gr Federal Premiums Sierra Boat Tails. Perfect! This last weekend, with two new boxes of the same shells, I started at about 8" low at 100 yards. I rasied it up thinking that maybe the new shells were a little different then the 3 year old shells I used the first time out. Well I was around it, but I never got a gr
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