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  1. I am very happy with my Benelli Nova Nothing bad ever happened to it very reliable gun. I bought might for $360 BenelliNova 12 gauge Pump Max4-HD 28in. Mossberg do suck thats why they sell so cheaper, the cheaper the better give me a break. Benelli Nova is the only one under $1000 in Benelli guns the rest are $1070 and up. AK-47's suck also they have a slow rate of fire the chamber get's cracked easily and some recoil is alot. I have a .223 M16 Ar for $800 no recoil nice smooth fast gun. [ 11-02-2005, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: BenelliNovaArmi ]
  2. Great Post Jon Ramsey I completely agree. For me I've always been shooting a 28in. Not because I thought it was better at that length it's just what I felt comfortable with. Hey I love the Benelli SportII it shoots nice honestly I scored trap. 92/100 !
  3. I dont know too much about rifles, but I hunt with my 30-06 it is said it's an all around great gun and cheaper to shoot also. Happy Hunting
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