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  1. i would really try to save for the sbe 2. i got a nova because i couldnt afford the eagle but i eventually got enough. i got the sbe 2 black w/ comfortech. dam i love that gun. fit and finish are great. it is the nicest gun i have ever shot. really.
  2. I would go with the 10 minute retriever book if you want a good hunting dog. I rather it more than some of the other books because it doesnt seem to put as much "high pressure" training on the dog.
  3. The only problem I had with jamming was when I had the SRM magazine upgrade spring in it. I put all the factory parts back in and have no problems I have shot 3.5" winchester, kent, estate, federal; 3" remington, federal, winchester; 2 3/4" federal, winchester, remington, estate.
  4. i shoot sbe 2 with federal 3.5" speed shok 1 3/8 oz. 1550 fps in 2,3 shot mostly factory mod choke or .700 terror sometimes i shoot nova with factory mod. not often though.
  5. I recently purchase a case of federal speed shok 3.5" shells but have not had a chance to shoot them yet. I heard someone say that the sbe 2 will have problems shooting them because they are longer than other 3.5" shells. Anyone know if this is true? what about the same shells in a nova? thanks
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