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  1. I have a patternmaster extended range for my SBE2 and M2 that I use sometimes for late season ducks, when the get call and decoy shy and tend to fly a bit higher than usual. Other than that I use nothing buy the crio chokes that came with the guns. Not sure where all of the hype about them not performing, but the work great for me. There was no need for me to purchase an aftermarket choke except for longer shots *which I dont usually take, but this season was touch especially in January". As for skeet, Benelli does include a Skeet tube with the gun, which works great on the range...in my opinion.
  2. I had a similar issue sith my M2 in the duck blind this past season. I also use Kent and Hevishot...for me it was from not shouldering the gun properly when a flock of ducks flew over! It is NOT an issue with the gun, you have to remember how the inertia system works, and one thing that can cause it to act up is improperly shouldering.
  3. I am partial to Lacrosse.
  4. I agree about the 3 1/2" as well...I know a lot of guys who use them and swear by them, (I have a SBE II, and rarely shoot it, unless we are going solely for high flying geese) but for ducks I dont think anything more than a 3" magnum is necessary...
  5. Is it walnut or synthetic? The walnut SBE IIs do not have the comfort tech system, it is only available on the synthetic and camo models...if you have a synthetic or camo, I would have to say the stocks were changed out...
  6. In my opinion...it is really all about what you want. If you want a auto buy an auto...if you would rather a pump buy a pump. For the money I think the Stoeger is a good buy...I was given a great article on it in Gun Test Digest from a buddy. My hunting buddy has a Stoeger along with Benellis and he uses his M2000 all the time in the field with no problems...In my opinion the Stoeger is a good gun, and is very similar to a Benelli auto...less some of the bells and whistles (comfort tech, crio etc, price tag...). The fundamentals of both guns are the same, they will both do the same thing and will both kill ducks...any gun can give you problems read through some of these forums. Price has sometimes very little to do with functionality...for example you can buy a $100K sports car and a $30K sports car, both can have issues due to the mechanical nature of their components, but it all boils down to which one YOU want. They will both provide you the same utility in the long run given proper maintenace, but you have to ask yourself which one would you be satified with for the long haul. In my case I chose Benellis, simply because I wanted Benellis, maybe next time I will buy a Browning or a Winchester...who knows. I know this was a long-winded reply...sorry, but in my opinion I think that you should buy the one you want...you narrowed them down to 2 guns...I believe that they are both carry the same general price tag...so which one do yo want more? Get that one. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
  7. As do I, hope you get it back quickly with no issues.
  8. I also have a buddy who has a Chesapeake...(chocolate female)... I do not have lots of experience with Chesapeakes but she seems to be a good dog...still young and a bit stubborn, but most are at some point. I have heard that Cheasapeakes are a but more aggressive than labs...
  9. Well, you know...there can be issues with just about anything on the market with moving parts...I understand your frustation. I would have to pull the gun apart from top to bottome and look for anything that looks off...after a good examination and a good cleaning and oiling if I were still having problems I would be on the phone with Benelli. I will say though despite some issues I have seen, I would not take any other gun in the field with me...My close group of friends are all avid hunters/shooters and we collectively shoot most of whats out there, and I have seen issues with just about everything.
  10. I will speculate, but would have to agree with tucker...I would start by looking at the shells that I am using. Improper mounting of the gun could definitely cause this to happen.
  11. Labrador Female...my preference is Chocolate.
  12. I am an avid waterfowler, and I use the factory choke tubes (I shoot both an M2 and a SBE2)...I do not have any issues with them, and they pattern fine for me. The only aftermarket choke tube I have is a Patternmaster extended range. When I shoot Hevi-Shot I use my IC (usually #4 shot for ducks), works well for me. What choke tube are you currently using? Patternmaster makes a choke tube for decoying birds, but prior to investing in an aftermarket tube, I would explore all angles of the issue. When I have any issues, I usually try to evaluate what I am doing first that could cause this. Lots of issues in hunting, believe it or not come from operator error. (Not saying that is always the case, but usually where I start) I would start by looking at what type of round I am using and try a different manufacturer. My hunting buddy used some cheaper shells one morning and was frustrated after two flocks of decoying birds landed on top of us and he missed everytime he fired...later when we got back to the house, we patterened his gun with what he was using and a different shell, and there was an extremely significant difference. This is one example. Also, for hevi-shot, I would use a Mod or ImpCyl only. I would not use a IM or Full choke. I tend to like to try different manufacturers ammo and see what works best for me...this changes from person to person, along with shooting styles. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  13. If the gun was going to be for my wife, I would go and hack away! You could go and spend the $400...but why? You can always change the stock back later if you wanted...
  14. Why did you not just purchase one with a 28" barrel? Are you hunting with the gun? If so, wht are you hunting? What are you looking for the 28" barrel to do for you?
  15. That happened to me with my M2...I (along with my buddies) headed out on a 70 yard hike on a frozen bean field in Arkansas (I had a feeling it was going to get worse before getting better)...needless to say, the ice cracked...I fell...gel pad falls off... pretty funny looking back on it. Nonetheless, put it back on, defrosted it, loaded it and got my limit, and smacked my buddy for not wanting to drive his 4 wheeler through the ice. Didn't take his 4 wheeler the next day either...I'll ride through ice all day long...and DID! and operned up one heck of a hole for the ducks to feed in!
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