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  1. it seems that many people faced with training their first dog get hung up on the time it takes to train. the time i spend with my dogs is the best recreation i have,training as well as hunting. I'm on my 7th. dog,most have been retrievers,but i have a shorthair now,in addition to my retriever. I can't wait to get home from work to spend some time with my dogs. i do something with both of them everyday. 10 to 15 minutes twice a day will get your dog and you trained. make the time,give up a little tv or whatever,you and the dog will be better off for it. just my .02 cents but wolters is a little to time table oriented for me,dogs are like people they are all a little different,and learn differently,some pick things up quick,some take a little longer. I like training retrievers for marshes amd meadows by ken roebuck. but any training book will give you the guidelines. marshhawk
  2. go to www.gunsprings.com that is wolf gunsprings,they offer both reduced and heavy springd based on the application,also replacement springs for the magazine tube !
  3. Midwest gunworks has browning replacement stocks and forends,you should be able to buy a stock for under $200.00,the 20/28/410 all use the same receiver , you can check availability on line, then call,I've had good results buying from them in the past.
  4. marshhawk

    M2 Barrel

    WTB a 28" M2 barrel,black would be my first choice,but I would take a camo one, as I mentioned in a previous post,I have a black 26" that I'll trade or sell if I find a 28"
  5. marshhawk

    Barrel for m2

    I have a 26" blk M2 barrell,I would like a 28" anybody want to trade or know someone that has one for sale. Thanks marshhawk
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