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  1. Just depends on the individual gun. I shot 1oz dove loads from my SBE II right out of the box with no problems other people claim the SBE II wont cycle light loads without a sufficient break in period. Just get on the range and find out
  2. So yeah.. I checked out both sites Impact Guns didnt state whether or not they had any in stock amd e-guns wanted 90 dollars for the raised gel comb.... I'd hate to see what they wanted for a barrel..
  3. AK-47s and M16's are crap... AKs cant shoot straight...M16s malfuntion when you get dust on....well anything..
  4. So how does the Nova price fit into the argument of american money being considered T.P. by the Italians... Do Italians get Novas for free?
  5. From what I've come to understand from this forum any time of the year is tough for Benelli accessories..
  6. $70-$150 for earplugs... can i get mine with gold plating? OOH and a diamond too. Just get some el-cheapo foam plugs. Beer works wonders to silence the nagging wife...........
  7. Anyone know where I can find a SBE II slug barrel on the internet. I have done several searches to no avail. I know this topic has been brought up before trust me I've read almost all topics that have to do with the SBE II. All of the sites mentioned are out of stock..
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