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  1. are there any dents in the magazine tube? had this kind of problem with my mossy and it had one dent in the mag tube that would just slightly hang up a shell. just something to check...
  2. in duck hunting its not a big deal, but when you are carrying the gun all day (upland hunting) the lighter benelli is awesome....quicker to get up to shooting possition and not as tiring to carry all day. I also went with the 26" barrel because it seemed to swing faster/smoother/better for me...but if this was a duck/goose/turkey gun I would have went with the 28 inch barrel. that 2 inches means alot when there are 3 guys in a blind and they dont want to get the muzzle blast off a shoot barrel gun...one of my buddies brought his winchester O/U out duck hunting and I nearly killed him..that t
  3. I got my SBE2 off gunbroker.com. I found a few on there for $1220 shipped, and when I went down to the local gun store they had them for about $1480 with tax and I asked if he would sell me one for $1220 and he laughed and said he cant keep them on the shelfs for $1480....and he was right, i go in there about once a week to shoot the bull and he sells about 3-5 a week. The only bad thing about getting one of gunbroker.com is that from the time you buy a gun until the time you are shooting the it will be about 3 weeks...takes time for all the shipping and paper work.
  4. good lord, you must be shooting at some big ducks
  5. I use a wet paper towel, then a dry rag to get the mud off the exterior of my sbe2
  6. broke mine in with 3 boxes of federal cheapo....1 ounce, 3 1/4 dram 2 3/4 inch and it never missed a beat. and only cost about $7.50 to break-in hehe, however this might not be the case with every benelli.
  7. I will add to this, I have put about...500 shells through my new SBE2 and all but about 75 were at birds. I only had one problem and that was with a 3 inch duck load, and the problem was me...it was a straight over passing shot and when I squized the trigger the shot nearly knocked me over (I was standing there with my feet together just trying to keep on track with the bird). moral of the story is that a benelli will not cycle if it is not allowed to move some (put up against a brick wall and fired). a benelli will not fire (or will have problems) if there is not a solid shoulder be
  8. have you been using gun cleaner on the camo of the gun?
  9. there are tons of people that use them, I just dont like any metal to metal cleaning.... however any barrel that is capable of firing steel shot through it should have no problem with a copper brush....I just dont use them, just seems like it would put more wear on a barrel than you really need to clean something. just my 2 cents.
  10. well, I love my new dog box, and keeping a dog warm is relative....it seals off nicely and has a plastic cardboard type stuff in it for insulation...or so they claim. do I think it would keep a hunting lab warm in 0 degree weather? yes...do I think it will keep a weiner dog warm in 20 degree weather? no I put a U-haul moving blanket in the bottom of his compartment and even on the few 30 degree days we have had when I get him out he is panting, which may just be from excitement, but he is not shivering in any case. It is one of their new extra tall boxes, and you could easily put 2
  11. i figure there is no way that paper towel is more abrasive than one of those wire cleaning brushes, which i would never use.
  12. I got a question, I use a cleaning rod and a paper towel and hoppe's elite gun cleaner and a cordless drill on low speed to clean mine. I have done this with my mossy for years, is this a bad thing. I just feed the paper towel through the cleaning rod eye, then wrap it in the direct the drill will spin, soak the paper towel with cleaner and run it down the barrel a couple times...then follow it in the same manner with no cleaner on the paper towel, I clean the choke in the same manner. can I damage anything doing this, the drill doesnt spin very fast at all, and i can have my barrel
  13. 11/26/2005 went with a good buddy, notice his gun on the right, talked him into getting it at bass pro this weekend [ 11-28-2005, 09:51 AM: Message edited by: savage25xtreme ]
  14. 11/25/2005 [ 11-28-2005, 09:50 AM: Message edited by: savage25xtreme ]
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