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  1. Bain & Davis Gun Shop 307 E Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626) 573-4241 They got me one in 300 Win Mag at 24" in about 10 days. You will also need the proper mag for the new cartridge. Just make sure you tell them what rifle it goes on the confortech or the non comfortech, the barrel finish is different. The price was also a good surprise. Just remember that you will use a new barrel on a used gun, proper fit and operation might take a few rounds ( gas block), it will work out. Other choice is Numrich. Have fun.
  2. Describing what other guns are doing, or are supposed to do, can and will, give some reference to some of us out there that have no way of knowing better. Nobody was born with a piece of metal at their side. There is only one country that has the 2-nd amendment in their constitution. In some (most) parts of the world guns are illegal to own and operate…..not to mention expensive to buy. Fascination is about people that turn the metal in something useful. It gets better once you are part of the process. Let’s talk about good and bad, we can all learn. Enjoy [ 01-18-2006, 12:42 AM: Message edited by: satcor ]
  3. Just a question.. What kind of amo gives feeding issues? After 60 rounds of mixed brands in about 45 minutes with a 10 minute cease fire in between no problems at all. The only thing was that the next 2 guys to my right stoped shooting until I was finished. About cleaning, I think is just common sense, standard practice for anyone that handles guns with passion. The Manual is useful in understanding of what the manufacturer expects from the user. Just watch for the gas port to be clean and spray solvent on the piston rings until it comes out clear. Keep the solvent away from the rest of the rifle. I will try harder next time, 30-06 R1 ComforTech, in California
  4. I have a new rail on the way as we speak. They said it was very unusual, hope the barrel is not drilled wrong....
  5. No matter how I try to install it I can't get more than one hole to line up, it has a total of 5 mounting holes.
  6. The box was sealed and the rail was inside the case. It looks like a factory miss..
  7. Just got my R1 Comfortech and the scope rail that came with the rifle has mounting holes that do not match the ones on the rifle. Anyone had this problem?
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