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  1. I need to know if antone hase experience with a mossberg 835. i have been lookin at it and i don't know about the brand. thanks for the help.
  2. camo3235

    Deer grunt

    sorry if it wasn't clear enough, but im lookin to see your opinion on which one to get
  3. camo3235

    Deer grunt

    I know this is the benelli portion of the forum but everyone looks at these. im lookin @ a flextone all-n-one grunt or a knight and hale translator. thanks
  4. i posted one on big game and now for waterfowl
  5. Ok im lookin for a shotgun and ive come down to either a benelli nova or remington 870 Super Mag. They are about the same size and weight so im lookin for the best one. post your opinion.
  6. Im sorry, i thought you said remington 1187, anyway, yes they would have about the same recoil pad, but the lighter, the more recoil. plus the pump is more powerful due to the loss of energy for the gun itself to load a shell. id still dgo for a limbsaver.
  7. Well, the Stoeger/Benelli would have a little more recoil than the remington becase of the guns weight. The benelli/ stoegers, being so light, would have more recoil. No matter which gun, i'd get a limbsaver recoil pad.
  8. I think that the does come out to cheerlead for the bucks and right when you go back to the camp, the buck shows for the "game." This always happens to me. i hate it
  9. camo3235


    Remington models for all of them. pick the best one.
  10. Im lookin for a new gun again, a 12 gauge and im goin with a remington (i know im on the benelli site). Im lookin at 3 models. The SPR 453, 870 SPS-T, and 870 Express. I hunt about every waterfowl including geese in louisiana. I also have a poll to post your answer. Thanks
  11. Well, Down here in Louisiana we are havin off and on weekends. But i have to say, in one of the farms i hunt at there are over 7000 geese. we limit out every other weekend at the same blind. that's about it
  12. What's "small"? 4'2"? I suppose it's all relative to how long your arms are. Whether you are 6'4" and have little T-Rex arms or if you are 4'2" and your knuckles drag. Either way, I like the 28" hey i didnt ask for you to do that, just give yur opinion. that's what these are for: to get peoples opinion ABOUT THE QUESTION!
  13. pick the area in whick you love to hunt or would like to hunt the best.
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