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  1. What do you have to kill for that deal?? The majority of North Carolina and Virginia are probably country/forest land huh? Probably over populated with game animals, but I can gaurantee at this rate it wont last long (few more years), or maybe I'm wrong. Wheter the case have a ton of fun. =) Say...... how much are elk licenses?? J/W
  2. $40 for that much..! YOU'RE BSing!! Maybe not? Up here in minnesota you pay more than half of that for 1 lousy deer. That's probably a club rate or something right? Hmmmm..... I don't think I have any relatives to visit in NC do I ^_^
  3. Yeah. Investing some money into a Tikka T3 right now. I'll probably grab it in a week and a half. I just saw this Benelli R1 a few days ago and took a detour here Looks awfully beautiful though. Thanks for the info.
  4. Should I get one dammit.. I'm lost in the world of rifles. X(
  5. HOLY WOW. You drove to NC just for a rifle. What people would do is amazing. GO VIKINGS!
  6. Does less recoil affect the consistant accuracy of the rifle? Are these R1's even accurate? Out to 350-500 yards? Would I be better off with a bolt action rifle in this situation? I'm doin' bean field hunting this spring and need something. Thanks. BTW 1,500 miles for a rifle. I was only thinking 300 for me. WOW [ 12-07-2005, 08:43 AM: Message edited by: Dance&Sting ]
  7. Sorry this might irritate other folks, but I was just going through the R1 threads and noticed a lot of people who owns one have it chambered in .300 WM. I was just wondering why? That's all. Plan to grab myself one in the next month or so in .270 WSM(friggin' expensive, but the looks seduces me). Wood or comfortech? Pain or less pain? Looks or depending quality? I'll find out soon enough. See ya. [ 12-06-2005, 06:33 PM: Message edited by: Dance&Sting ]
  8. Does the new Comfortech really help increase accuracy with it's recoil reduction methods? I really like the selected walnut on the standard rifle but will the pain from the recoiling make me change my mind about looks?
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