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  1. Hey Tuck, it is never going to be cold in Louisburg I fear. Cold weather and snow have been voted out I haven't found any sweet 16's or light 20's as of late that really keep my interest. You don't know of any old A-5 box guns lurking around do ya? Whats your 10-20 anyway?
  2. Well, I am happy to report that I am now 110% satisfied w/my M2 20 ga. The only thing about the gun I didn't like was not having a Bionic thumb to load it with. I knew this would kill me in the cold so I asked Benelli if they could offer any suggestions toward a fix and they indicated to me that the spring diameter was increased to prevent an erroneous last shell loading issue, (no doubt a knee jerk reaction to some Clem never having cleaned his gun). Anywho, I ordered a Browning 20 ga A-5 mag spring from Midwest gun works in hopes of saving the day. Well after having shot about 3 boxes for te
  3. Heres an all original 1965 A5 20 ga I got this yr at a gunshow of all places. It was an honest, unfired 100% A-5 w/a buck barrel and a vent rib IC as well in an Hartmann case. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I knew it spelled trouble for my wallet when I saw it. Now if I could just find that eusive 1961 sweet 16 and light 20 I'd be set for a while. http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y231/SonofSouth/?action=view&current=PICT0240.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y231/SonofSouth/PICT0251.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y231/SonofSouth/PICT0256.jpg
  4. Here are pics of a Pristine condition NIB 1960 sweet 16 and another of an M2 20 ga Benelli I got the other day which turned out to be the best pointing gun I have ever held in my hands. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y231/SonofSouth/IMG_02351.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y231/SonofSouth/PICT0003.jpg
  5. I tried to post another pic Tucker but it wouldn't let me. It says my quota was used up. I'll start another thread.
  6. Thanks Tuck, its great to be here! Now, how bout them ole Brownings...whoops, I mean Benellis?
  7. DuckHunter, I have a like new M2 20 ga w/less than 100 rds to it's name that suffers from the same problems yours has. I called Benelli as to address this issue and was told to send this gun in but I certainly didn't want to do this until Duck season was out. Has anyone w/an M2 bothered to pull the bolt and look to see if yours has the same tell tell marks on the back of the receiver from contact w/the bolt? I am guessing most do. I am going to call BBenelli today again and see if this is a mass problem among M2 20 ga Benelli products. I will post my findings later.
  8. Good evening all. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I have been shooting Benelli's sine they came out. I was in a local gun shop the other day when I saw they had Benelli's at dealer cost which was 1129 for a Benelli SBE II 12 ga Timber camo 26'' w/the comfort tech sysem. I already had it's predecessor but ever since I handled the 2nd gen I knew I had to have one so needless to say I now have two. One day when my son's old enough one will make his Christmas or Birthday a priceless moment. In the pic is a NIB unfired full belgium Browning 12 ga. for lookin at mostly. Now, where'd those ducks g
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