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  1. I have found 3 1/2" #1's work for everything from ducks to geese. I don't buy into the whole, you need to pattern your gun with different loads, etc. What the **** did all of our ancestors do when they hunted. They didn't pattern their guns. I shoot Winchester Dry-Locks so I don't just shoot whatever is on sale either. Hevi-Shot is overated and overpriced.
  2. Thanks for the great link guys! I plan on sticking around here as well. Tucker knows his stuff, and I can still learn tons of stuff.
  3. This is in reference to the post I put up above here, I put in the wrong Displayed name....I am known to be retarded from time to time. If you had to guard inmates twelve hours a day you would be too! LOL I just hope I don't get ripped on too hard for loving the Xtrema 2s and Beretta in general. This is a good forum with tons of info. I wish there was a Beretta forum. Couldn't find one on their site though....Later.
  4. I am new here and Beretta biased to a certain extent (obviously)... I think some things said here are true and some not. There were a few of you that said gas guns are not as reliable. True to a certain extent, but my father and uncle had SBE's and both had jamming problems even though they cleaned their guns properly, oiled, etc. I own three Beretta semi's and have had one jam in thousands of rounds (I shoot about 3,000 rounds a year through my Urika Sporting). I totally agree that Benelli's are top notch guns so I'm not here to flame against them. Another person stated that the Xtrema 2
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