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  1. DC50

    Read the forums...

    Ok Mudhen, thanks.
  2. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    Thanks tucker301, I'm aware of the links and had checked them out, but I'm wondering what sets these shotguns apart from Benelli. I would think there must be something unique with each mfgr's product (price, feature, options, purpose...), otherwise wouldn't they be competing against Benelli which doesn't seem to make any sense.
  3. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    All great feedback, thanks folks. After hearing the various companies mentioned acquired by Berrata, curiousity got the best of me and I researched some of the links. I found shotguns on Stoegor that appear to use Benelli parts, and then there's Franchi; all others seem non-shotgun products. Anyone have the skinny on these alternative shotguns?
  4. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    Thanks yankeejim. Most of the veteran waterfowlers out there probably know this, but it was news to me.
  5. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    Here's an interesting thread: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=50301 Benelli and Berreta companies are in some way connected or related??
  6. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    As for differences, yes the big difference is Beretta gas versus Benelli inertia. I'm new to semi's (have a pump), but hear gas is easier on the sholder and more reliable for cycling, while inertia requires less maintenance and is easily cleaned. The SBEII also has the big trigger guard and is a lighter gun. Both have their versions of secondary shock depressor systems inthe stock, and then there's Benelli's smoother CrioTech barrel versus Berreta's anti-rust Aqua barrel. Other than that, features and innovation seem similar. Guess I should concentrate on a gun that offers good cycling, reliab
  7. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    Thanks for the feedback folks, I appreciate it and hope to hear more opinions. I took a look at the Xtreme2 tonight online and it is also a very attractive gun that appears to compete head-on with the SBE2 (based on features and cost). I realize I need to handle both guns before making a final decision; I doubt I'll get to shoot them before purchasing.
  8. DC50

    No News from Benelli

    Ok Mudhen, thanks for the insight. Sounds like I should take a good look at the Xtrema II before jumping at the SBEII.
  9. I'm new to Benelli and plan to purchase an SBEII within the month. I've been researching Benelli extensively on the web and like mostly everything I hear, but Benelli hasn't released a news article on their site for over six months. Why the long stretch, is that typical in the gun industry? I also sent them an email asking about 2006 SBEII changes and new models, but received no response after nearly two weeks. Someone mentioned announcements at the Las Vegas SHOT show, so does that mean Benelli is in stealth mode...
  10. Anyone know how to determine the manufacture date on an SBEII? I plan on buying one soon and prefer a gun built recently...within the last 3 months. Is a born-on date embossed in the action or somewhere else on the gun? Thanks.
  11. DC50

    SBE2 in 2006

    Thanks for your responses. I'll give Benelli CS a call tomorrow and let you know the results.
  12. DC50

    SBE2 in 2006

    I'm a new member to this forum considering the purchase of an SBE2 Comfortech. It's time to upgrade from my old 870 express, and I'm told by some that SBE2 is the gun to get for life. I hunt most everything as time permits, but I still consider myself somewhat a novice. So I've been researching all forums out there (including this site) for opinions on the 2006 SBE2. Almost everything read was very positive, with the exception of some cycling issues (which I suppose could be shell related), and stiff safety release issues in older forums. Has anyone spent any time with latest SBE2? A
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