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  1. I researched quite a few sites and ended buying from Impact for $190. Just installed it today.
  2. The stock arrived for my M4 11707. I know I saw a procedure in one of the forums for switching out the stock, but I can't remember where. I do not want to mess this up, will someone please point me in the right direction. -THanks
  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase this stock? I have one on back order with Impact Guns, but have no idea when the order may be filed. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Found this picatinny rail mount on the Surefire site; however they do not have a picture. "The SureFire M80 Picatinny rail forend is a high-quality Picatinny forend for the Benelli M4 that replaces the weapon’s stock forend allowing the user to mount a variety of accessories." Has anyone mounted this on their Benelli M4? If so, can you provide some insight and maybe a picture.
  5. I am looking for recommendations for a tactical light system for the M4. I am new to the tactical shotgun arena and would appreciate some insight from the pros. Thanks in advance.
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