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  1. How well does it group at 100 yds/ meters?
  2. have you been able to repeat that kind of grouping over a couple different outings or was that "a once in a lifetime " shooting?
  3. please post either way. Thanks
  4. Question for you guys that know guns.... had a shooter tell me that the short mags would benefit an autoloader more than the long action calibrer would. Said it should make them more accurate, all things being equal (shooter wind etc...) Since they are shorter, they should load better and the action doesn't travel as far. Any truth to this? Also in the new Benelli R1 could you interchange the barrels with the 300 wsm and the 270 wsm ? Not that I would, just curious.... Thanks..
  5. Well, I've decided to sell my R1 30-06 comfortech gun. For what I want, I am afraid this won't be the gun for the job. If anyone is interested, give me a call or email. The gun is 100% new. Never loaded or fired, hard case and paper work etc. come with it. Am selling for the first $1050 that comes. Free shipping too. Steve [email protected] (or) [email protected] 318-655-1144
  6. Steveieboy


    Very informative, thank you much!
  7. I am a little confused; I hear that Benelli is making the WSM in comfortech. I called and one lady said yes, should be out soon. I haven't heard anything in a while so I called back and the guys says, "No, we only offer it in 30-06 & 300" "No we don't make them." So I called to talk to another rep and they say the same thing... . If they are making them, what is the big deal, just say, Yeah we are and hope you like it... (it is a product no? We pay good money for don't we? ) Or if you are not going to just be honest and say, at this time we aren't into the WSM's and be done with it... If Benelli scans this forum, I hope they can get it together a little better and inform their reps here in the USA so it doesn't appear they are sub quality company... My opion worth 2 cents....
  8. Steveieboy


    What caliber R1 are you shooting? Also what MOA do you get at 100-200 yards?
  9. What is that? A Panthar Arms???
  10. I forgot to mention, I just bought the R1 but haven't shot it yet... I too am curious about it all...
  11. Hello, I am from LA also. Where are you staying since the storms? I am in Shreveport
  12. Hello guys/girls. I just got a new R1 with the comfortech. it is in 30-06 but am looking to get the conversion to 300wsm. Here are a few questions: 1. What are average moa you are getting with this gun. 2. Is it gas opperated or inertia opperated? 3. What is a good distance for a quality shot on a white tail deer? Could it go 300-350 yards realistically? with either the 30-06 or 300wsm calibers? 4. Is there any afermarket tinkering to make it a better long range shooter? ex. BOSS System or get the barrel fluted etc... Thanks to anybody who might take time to give advice.
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