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    . [ 11-27-2006, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Rifleman1st ]
  2. Rifleman1st


    Avoid Boyt at all costs!!! I went duck hunting and put my wet 1187 in my Boyt camo floatation case for the 10 minute trip home. When I got there the finish was gone off most of both sides of the receiver and barrel. the fabric pattern was imprinted on the gun. I called Boyt and after the run around someone finally told me there was NO WAY THE FABRIC WAS AT ALL CORROSIVE. howev er they would send me $200 worth of Boyt products of my choice to reimburse me for the damage their case didnt cause if I mailed them my case. I did and ordered an identical case. Much to my surprise the fabric on the
  3. Rifleman1st


    [ 11-22-2006, 05:38 PM: Message edited by: Rifleman1st ]
  4. Over the last 2 weekends I've killed 14 gesse with my SBE II and ,675 TERROR tube. I used Federal premium T shot 3.5" mags. Shots ranged from in your face to over 65 yards. I've never had issue shooting large steel thru my terror tube. I bet there's over 1000 rounds of BBB and T shot thru it. Just make sure you aim for the head on those close shots. Also 1 thing that helped me immensley was I replace the front bead with a fiber optic one off of Tom Knapp's web site the difference is amazing. Good hunting, Rifleman.
  5. Order a terror .675 from srm products and you'll never use another tube for waterfowl again.
  6. My sbe 2 shot high at first too. Change the shims until it hits where you want it to. My beads line up dead on and I cover the target before I shoot.
  7. The answer is simple. M4. I assume you are using it as a tactical/defense gun. The M2 is an outstanding weapon but being recoil operated if it is not seated in your shoulder correctly it WILL JAM. In a high stress situation I wouldn't bet on even the most highly trained individual to seat the weapon properly and neither would the U.S. Marine Corps. Besides, you cant shoot the M2 around corners...
  8. Think of your eye as the rear site. If you want to lower POI lower the rear site. In other words add more drop. Install the C shim
  9. The sbeII will not float the 4th shell without modification. The older sbe's will.
  10. Dont tell my .675 terror choke. It gives high 80% patterns with steel shot. BTW .675 is considered super full by some [ 03-29-2006, 10:27 PM: Message edited by: Rifleman1st ]
  11. Make sure the barrel is completely seated into the receiver. There should be no gap between the 2.
  12. The best choke :http://www.surecycle.com
  13. I'd like to personally thank all you guys for ******** on my thread. I'm trying to sell a gun here for a resonable price. If you can buy one cheaper please do so. But not everyone wants to fly to erie or pay 60- 100 buck in taxes. Keep your comments to yourself.
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