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  1. I bought a really nice 12ga Montefeltro off gunbroker.com for under 600. It's super lite and handles really well. I've got SBE & sbe 2 but I like shooting this one best. Heading to SD in a couple of weeks for opening pheasant and that will be my choice. Good luck!
  2. Anyone tried the "Extended" Pattern Master? http://www.mackspw.com/item.asp?im=PAT250+11&d=PatternMaster_Extended_Choke_Tube
  3. Riffleman, SRM only has older style Benelli - I'm looking for my SBE II. I do have the Sure Cycle guts in my old SBE and it works well. Thanks
  4. Tucker, Blacks, Green heads, Cans, or Giant Canadas hopefully over the decoys but sometimes skirting the spread. On the Potomac there are fixed blind sites so the locals get wise, quickly.
  5. Could I get some recommendations on chokes/loads? I usually shoot Win Supreme BBs in my SBE1 w/ Pattern Master. I'd like to learn what people have to say before burning up a bunch of shells. Thanks
  6. I had a similar problem with older SBE. Call Customer service and tell them. I think they have an agreement with the company that did the work and it will be redone - the company is called tarjac - http://www.tarjac.com/index.jsp. Perhaps they can advise how to take care of it after you get it redone.
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