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  1. Email sent for purchase of a black coated tube. Thanks Anthony.
  2. Looks great!!! Glad it fits. Now get over there and leave me feedback ;-) Anthony.
  3. Hi,

    Is this the same tube advertised on GB by CLEEFURD $185 Plus 4 to 6 weeks wait?

    Thanks Anthony.

  4. Lee Hadaway thearmsroom.com He worked on 3 shotguns of mine with excellent results. Shortened barrels, installed ramp fronts/ghost ring rears, shortened stocks and added new recoil pads. Fixed a troublesome surefire forend, by machining a new connecting ring. And then refinished them all. Franchi Law12 Benelli M1 HK 512 Everything looks and works great. Cheers Tony.
  5. I think so. He has the ability to pre fabricate parts to make them fit. He is certainly up for a challange, he's got a can do attitude. As for turnround, I think it was about 8 weeks door to door. I had told him I wasn't in any hurry and he did quite a bit of work on 3 guns, so I was pretty pleased with that. I can email you a picture of the finished results if you want. Tony.
  6. Picture not coming up? If someone can post it for me? I can email it to you. Tony.
  7. Just got my Super 90, Law12 & HK512 back from Lee Hadaway. http://thearmsroom.com . Took ages to find someone to do the work I wanted. I am more than pleased with the results. Well worth the effort in finding him. Work included removing Rifle Sights and Installing Ghost Rings & Ramp Fronts, Barrel Shortening (He even managed to re attach the screw on adapter on the Law12 barrel after cutting it to 18). Shortening of all the stocks and adding recoil pads. Re finishing all the guns as well. Nearly forgot he also attached the Surefire "properly", no more wobble.. Surefire take note!!! H
  8. AJW

    M4 Stock removal?

    Wow, that was pretty simple and straight forward with that info I guess I was getting stumped by no mention of removing the pistol grip just the collaspable grip in the manual. Anyhow many thanks guys, you made my day
  9. AJW

    M4 Stock removal?

    Hi guys, Just found this forum which is great! I am the pround new owner of a 11707. It is a pistol grip model. Having a problem removing the stock. On a snowy Sunday. Want to see what the collapsable stock is like. In the booklet it only shows instructions for removing the collaspable. So from my Super 90 experience have removed butt pad and retaining nut. But now I'm stuck! The stock isn't sliding off. Have giggled it a bit and given it a gentle tap but no joy. Is there a pin I'm meant to remove also? I thought all stocks were meant to be inter changeable without tools? Once or if I get
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