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  1. What are everyones thoughts on the new chokes for the SBEII/M2, or what the marketing was behind them. Im currently using a Wad Wizard Supreme, and wondered if there would be any benefit to switching.
  2. mudhen, Did you go with the 1.25 inch set, or the 1 inch set? Maybe MattL tried the wrong ones. Thanks
  3. I really love my Zinks calls. I have a Little Man, Money Maker, and SR-1. If your a beginer, go with the SR-1. This call comes with a instructional video which will get you on your way. Good luck
  4. I just dove to Oklahoma and back and saw tons of snows in missouri. I think its going to get pretty hot and heavy any day!
  5. I didnt write it, but i understand what your saying now.
  6. I have had both 28 and 26 SBE II and perfer the 26 much more. It just feels better swinging it.
  7. We usually put the meat in pineapple juice /w enoughf red wine vinigerette to turn the juice red, and let them soak. Then roll them up w/ pepper jack cheese and bacon around the meat. then grill each side and when the cheese starts melting, the meat is DONE!
  8. come on Cleric, i didnt bash you...I just saying that i dont think that was a strange question. I come here everyday and read the posts, Is it a problem i decided to post.
  9. Why is that strange? This is a benelli forum, probably most people here are benelli owners. Just becasue benelli didnt manufacture O/U shotguns dosent mean he cant direct a question to people here.
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