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  1. I had the same experience, using #6 Heavy shot, using the Passing tube.
  2. I have both the Decoy and Passing Chokes for my SBE II. The Decoy tube works great out to 40 yards and will drop a mallard right where you hit him. The Passing tube will fold up a Mallard at 60 yards with Heavy shot #6. I'll probably keep that one for geese only.
  3. They were about 18 pounds each.
  4. I can't speak on the Rhino. But, I bagged one this morning using the Jellyhead, and the Winchester XR 3 1/2 #6 at 25 yards. The Turkey bird was DRT, in it's tracks. My brother got one this evening at 30 yards with Winchester 3 #6's and rolled the bird. When we cleaned them very few pellets were in the birds torso.
  5. I got one this morning, with my SBE2, and my brother got one this evening with his.
  6. PARK, I have the SBE II Max 4, 28" barrell, comfort tech.
  7. My brother also has a Jelleyhead for his SBE II. He was using Winchester XR 3 1/2 #6's too. When he called me yesterday to tell me about his pattern he was so excited I couldn't understand him. After seeing this I can see why!! Seems like I understood him to say he had 49 in the red, and an unbelievable amount in the kill zone. Good job mudhen!
  8. Has anyone tried out the Trulock Precision Hunter ported turkey chokes?
  9. Good stuff. I've been in the military 23+ years, and have used it on every issue weapon I've ever had. I use it on my own weapons. It pulls carbon out of the metal, until none is left.
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