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  1. cjtfd


    Thanks for all the help. I will not be shooting with a rifled choke tube, I will use standard IC tube. So from what I understand: -No on the sabots. -Rifled slugs are OK in a smoothbore and may increase accuracy. -Brenneke or Foster work the best. Remington advertises a reduced recoil tactical slug, will this cycle in the M2? I will get several different brands and try them. Thanks again!!!!
  2. cjtfd


    I just bought an M2 tactical for 3 gun. Some of the shoots we do require the use of slugs. Which type of slugs will work best in the M2, rifled?, Sabot? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  3. I just traded my trusty 590 for an M2. I love the saddle concept (had one on the Mossy) and would like to put one on the M2 for 3 gun. However, I believe that I read on another post that it is not recommended to put a sidesaddle on the Benelli shotguns with the I-drive as the extra weight will not allow the gun to cycle properly!? Is there any truth to that, has anyone experienced this? Thanks for the help!!!
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