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  1. I realize I'm late to the party, however I'd like to purchase on of the M4 extension tubes. A private message to SOCOMGUY was unsuccesful. If there are any extensions tubes available in standard color please contact me so I can initialize purchase. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the clarification, upon getting a better borelight, I found I have a four port system.
  3. This is starting to become interesting. I have a four port gas plug assembly, with a non ported barrel. Perhaps that's why the piston got munched.
  4. The sights on the M4 are carried by Precision Sales International. Look at the bar rear sight system, and sf front.
  5. Oops I posted before I reviewed. The shotgun is a Super 90 M4, not SBE
  6. I've owned this weapon for about six months. I took it to Gunsite for the 260 shotgun class. After about 700 rnds of remington le ammo, one of the gas pistons broke in half and both "o" rings were somewhat battered. After returning home I spoke with customer service and was asked to send the shotgun back. I explained that the piston is a "strippable" part, I send the broken one, you send me a new one with two 'O' rings. I sent it priority mail, return postage paid. This happened eight days ago. I called today and was told that the piston was being "repaired" and might be sent back
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