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  1. Ok.....let me ask you this one: SEBII it was 'dry' fired Now, regardless of what position the safety is in, the trigger does not move at all. It is like the safety is on, regardless of how I push it off/on. Tha hammer looks to be back in the right place. I have not recleaned it yet so I know it looks dirty. Any ideas? Gotta be something simple I am missing. thanks Otherwise...anyone have a good gunsmith in Livermore/Pleasanton/East Bay, CA area?
  2. duckfan

    Opinions on SBEII

    Great lists! thanks
  3. yep (and I use Kent 2's on ducks as well).....and Mudhen was the first to help me figure it all out
  4. Tom Knapp has them on his web site (USA sales only I believe) http://www.tomknapp.net/store/product.php?productid=47&cat=0&page=1&featured
  5. so far so good. Got out last week and shot the gun. Everything worked fine.
  6. Well, a while back many were concerned about their SBE II's jamming at different times. I wrote to say I had the same issues and was going to contact Benelli and send it back for warranty check. My 'jams' included not loading up a new round, in some cases, kicking a live round out after the first shell was shot...and stove piping of a shell. So, I sent it in after an easy phone call and getting their authorization. The gun retuned with a complete invoice on what they did: They replaced the Recoil spring inside the recoil tube - which is inside the stock and they replaced the ejector spring as well. Then, they adjusted the Ejector and the safety and the forend...and completely cleaned the gun. The forend adjustment is to make it easier to remove and put back on. From the factory it does not come off easily and they do this adjustment on all guns they work on so it can be removed easier. They test fired the gun with 2 3/4 inch, 3 inch and 3 1/2 inch shells (Kent, Remington and Federals). I had told them I shot Kents and Remingtons. They also told me the most important thing for the future is to oil the Recoil Sprig assembly. The recoil spring sits inside a tube...and on top of the spring is the silver plunger. You should not ever try to remove the spring, but do need to clean and oil it well to work. The way to clean Recoil Assembly: 1. Take the gel pad off and take barrel off. 2. Use 13 mm socket with extension to remove the nut. 3. On the other side of the nut is a lock washer and shim, lock plate. Be sure to note how the shims are installed so you can put it back together as you found it. 4. Then you will have the tube (with spring and plunger inside) 5. Liberally use Gun Scrubber to spray inside the tube - Hold the plunger down 1/2 half way and get scrubber inside. Work plunger up and down a bit. 6. The bottom of the recoil tube has a small drain hole. Continue to spray gun scrubber inside the tube until you see the drain has clearer oil coming out. If black, it is not clean yet. 7. Then, place Break free oil or Rem Oil inside the tube and wait until you see a small bit drain out of drain hole. You want the tube to be oiled well. 8. Replace all parts AS THEY WERE....and clean the rest of the gun, barrel, bolt, trigger assembly etc - and good to go. The recoil tube assembly does not need to be done each time but should be done once in a while to keep the spring clean and oiled. I have not fired it yet but I am sure this will help me greatly. My safety was also 'tight' and it took a lot to click it on and off. They adjusted that for me too. Anyway, I promised to advise what happened and that’s it.
  7. Used to use a mask, until this last year. Went to the 'paint' and really liked it. Used the Easy-Off Scent Shield Face Camo - comes off with just plain water. Worked great.
  8. I have had some 'jams' as well, and tried everything that Tucker and Mudhen have suggested. Today I spoke to CS and arranged to send it in under warrenty to check it out. Was very pleased with my contact to CS and their helpful manner.
  9. Have to say Pintail if I had to pick one. But, with the limits being only 1 pintail per day....I will go with teal. A ball of teal coming in at mach 1 is a humbling shooting experience and each time gets my heart pumping. Yes, I know teal won't make too many hunter's list....but I do enjoy hunting them very much. Any cupped and committed duck or goose works for me
  10. Tucker - Your pictures are worth it all! THANKS!
  11. duckfan

    Not firing

    Perfect...I was afraid to drop oil in from the receiver and maybe 'gum' up the works over time. I will be very conservative in using it. I am nervous to pull it all apart someday. As always, I appreaciate the very helpful answers you provide. Still getting used to shooting (and cleaning) a semi after 40 plus years on an old 870 THANKS Rick
  12. duckfan

    Not firing

    Tucker 301: In the Troubleshooting section you posted a link too, it includes this statement about cleaning: "recoil plunger assembly should also be oiled at the end of the day" question: In order to do that end of the day 'oiling', do I need to take the butt stock off and unscrew the entire assembly etc - right? Or, are they saying I should perhaps drop some oil down into the plunger without taking it all apart from the butt stock? Example: remove the bolt assembly and then just drop some oil down onto the plunger versus taking butt pad off and taking it all apart? I can see doing a more complete cleaning once in a while but wasn't thinking I needed to take it all apart that often...yet I want to be sure the plunger is 'lubed', so it cycles correctly. Sorry if this is a silly question. thanks [ 12-05-2006, 03:58 PM: Message edited by: duckfan ]
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