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  1. SKBs 5-600 series o/u can be had used in your price range,uggies(ugcharta sp I think) can be found used if you like a SxS,I had both & think the are good guns for the used market,if you feel adventuresome sarco (http://www.sarco.com) has some very interesting looking pieces
  2. I just got a 12 ga 48 al at a gun show,Im curious what loads can I run though this lightweight 7/8,1,1&1/8,1&1/4 I woused out and ordered a pad for it 2 rounds of skeet with 1 oz 1250 fps was very noticeable.Anyone shoot skeet or sporting with their 48al?
  3. realtordude

    Franchi 48AL

    Check out your local Gander Mtn,I had screw in chokes done there last year in my Ithaca 37 project gun.Somebody else had bobbed the barrel at around 24" It cost $130 & included 3 briely sq thread tubes well worth the time & money
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