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  1. Having used a short barrel for turkey for the last 20 years or so I favor a 21 inch barrel. My reasoning is this: In turkey hunting conditions a longer barrel is harder to swing on a incoming bird due to obstacals such as brush and trees,,,,I dont know how many times in the last 30 years a bird has come in from a direction other then where my gun is pointing and I have to move it to shoot him,,the short barrel really comes in handy then! As far as patterning, send your gun to Gobblerguns.com and he will cut it to your specs!! AND make a choke that will blow your mind,,and a gobblers AL
  2. Mar, I really dont know. The next time I speak with my son I will find out! I am glad you are happy with the stock! best jim wva
  3. drmarc,,,stock shipped today vie usps..Let me know if you dont get it in a couple of days and I will send you the tracking,,Hope you like,,,thanks again,,jim sisler west by god va
  4. Hello, Sorry I havent gotten back to you but I teach and we have had ball games for the last week EVERY NIGHT!! Contact me at my email and will set up shipping the stock to you! best [email protected] wva This site will not let me send my email,,,you can call me evenings at 304-434-2463,,,will be in Pa rabbit hunting all weekend this weekend!! js This stock came off a brand new M2 my son bought!!! Never used
  5. Selling for my son who is out of the country in the airforce,,,a new M2 Camo pistol grip stock,,,unused,,he had hoped to be home to use it on his M2 this spring, but will not and would like to sell it,,,,120$ to your door,,,pm for questions..thanks jim
  6. Hello, I am a turkey hunter who is getting ready to switch to No 6, Hevi-shot 13, 3inch. Does anyone have any experence with it using a Benelli M1? I am blown away with how tight the No 7 Shot does out of my Benelli. I have shot everything, from Nitro to Win Hi Speed,,which is what I have shot since they brought it out. What I really am interested in is what dia and make choke tube you may be using. Call they up close and shoot them in the face!! Longbeards
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