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  1. I would have done the exact same thing too if I was in your shoes. Check out http://www.wingsupply.com/shop/Scripts/prodViewSKU.asp?SKU=P6. It's just surprising (to me) that a company like primos would charge 1.5x the going rate for a product they are trying to promote.
  2. Wow, that seems expensive for a jelly head. Im suprised they charge that much when most places sell them for around $40.
  3. I would start out with the jelly head .660 and win xr #6. This produced the best patterns for me last year. Try a search for "m2" on this site for other recommendations. Theres a lot of great info thats been posted previously.
  4. That’s interesting stuff, Thanks. Do underbored guns have a tendency to shoot tighter patterns than the overbored guns? I was wondering why one manufacturer would chose to have a certain model overbored and then have another model underbored. I assume there must be advantages to each... I plan on trying the JH .660 tomorrow. The Trulock Crio .665 seemed to prefer HS #6 followed by Win ER #6 and lead #5. Lead #6's didn’t perform well.
  5. [ 07-06-2006, 08:07 PM: Message edited by: mikem771 ]
  6. I recently bought an M2 and now i am in the process of testing some turkey chokes. I started with the Crio choke (Trulock) .665, and would like to try the JH .660 + Rhino. The problem is I just bought the JH .660 choke and now I am receiving conflicting reports from suppliers on which type of choke fits the M2. Some say Optima plus while others say the SBE2 choke. I thought I was supposed to use the optima plus but now I am not so sure... Is the Optima plus choke the same as the SBE2???
  7. mikem771

    m2 help

    Thanks, i brought it back to the dealer. It was the wrong part.
  8. mikem771

    m2 help

    Hi, I just bought a M2. During assembly i noticed that the bolt handle will not stay in the breech. It appears that the "pin" on handle is too short, and will not lock in. E-mailed tech support but havent received a response. Has anyone had this problem? Im guessing that i received the wrong handle??
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