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  1. Anyone out there Pheasant hunt in Ontario
  2. thanks, Sdkidaho for the reply perhaps it's best to save the pennies , right now I'm using a stoeger p350 and well, i got what i payed for thanks for the advise i think i might wait for the better shotgun happy hunting mike
  3. Thanks member 2861, [ 08-15-2006, 06:49 AM: Message edited by: Unusual_savage ]
  4. thanks NateDog The reason i'm Cosidering Spr350 or condor becouse there in my price rang, Beretta or Browning or not But perhaps it's worth looking for used Beretta or Browning happy hunting Mike
  5. Greeting, i was intrested in Buying Over under shot gun for trap and upland game. im unsure on what one to buy REMINGTON or Stoeger any suggestions. Happy hunting Mike
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