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  1. Upon further review: this doesn't surprise me: Connie Mack ® - FL -Jason
  2. I like that idea. And this post reminded me I need to go get the 'ol hunting license renewed before early Teal later next month. I live in a small town, so a "line" at the post office is 5 minutes wait, maybe. Republicans voting "no" to a conservationist act? WTH? They must be those old "computers are evil!" activist types. -Jason
  3. Condor will have quicker follow-up shots. This post is a week and a half old, but that's my $.02. Also, I think you can get the Nova in a 3.5" if you ever consider some Turkey or Goose hutning. To me, a pump and an O/U are two completely different things. WHen I go to buy a pump gun, I am thinking about the Nova. -Jason
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