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  1. I want to purchase a mag tube extension for my M1 Tactical, which has an 18.5" barrel. What is the appropriate tube length I need to buy that will come as close as possible to the end of the barrel without exceeding the length of the barrel? I'm planning on buying a Dave's Metal Works tube. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've decided to sell this barrel. Asking $500/OBO. PM me with your email address for high-res pics.
  3. True, but I have another barrel for the gun.
  4. I've no idea how to upload pics to this forum, but I purchased the barrel was purchased from R Guns. PM me with an email address if you'd like pics.
  5. I'm considering selling a new, unused barrel w/ Ghost Ring front site. Though non-factory, the barrel was shortened and refinished to perfectly match the finish of the receiver. It is in perfect condition. Any ideas as to what a barrel of this type is worth? I realize these are hard to find on the open market, but I've found no references on the web to help me set a price. Also, is there much of a market for a barrel of this type? TIA
  6. After posting this question to this forum and initially receiving no responses, I emailed Benelli and this is what they told me: "...if you take the current M-1 barrel and place it on the M-2, you need to make sure that the forend from the M-1 goes with the barrel; think of them as a matched set." Seems odd to me, as I can't understand the rationale for keeping the barrel and M-1 forend together, but if this is what Benelli says, then... Batman
  7. I'm thinking of upgrading to an M2, and am curious if my M1's 14-inch barrel is compatible with the M2 Tactical. Anyone know?
  8. I'm looking for recommendations/opinions for the best self-defense ammo. - 00 or 000? - Anyone found low recoil stuff that functions reliably from an M1 with a 14" barrel? - Slug recommendations? - I have to ask...anyone tried 3" ? Thanks in advance...Batman
  9. Anyone know how long (years) the factory night sights glow?
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