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  1. I recently purchased a SBE II as well. I spent alot of time on the forums to find out about porting, chokes, cleaning and the problems people are having. After immediate mods to the gun...porting and forcing cone by Rhino, I went to the range with a few boxes of the 3.5, 3's and 2 3/4 for chokes patterns. First two shots were 3.5, the next were light and it works fine. I even loaded it up to fire rapid succession shots, and no problems. I did take time to break it down to make sure it was well cleaned and lubed. Try it first and see if you need to spend the money of the heavy loads.
  2. I fully agree with Tucker. I switched from a Remington 1100 which requires the sights to be on the target to the SBE II which requires the target to be above the beads. I patterned at 20 to 30 for the Rhino Decoy choke, 30-40 for the Rhino midrange and Benelli modified, and 40+ for the Rhino Turkey.
  3. I recently purchased a SBE II. I keep reading the articles of those who have difficulty and have not experienced any problems at all. I recently sent the barrel to Rhino for porting and forcing cone. I can shoot 2 3/4 thru 3 1/2 in Remmington, Federal and Winchester.
  4. What recommendations do any of you have to clean and lub a SBE II with max4 camo finish? I have read some barrel cleaners will take the finish right off. Normally I use Hoppes 9 with Remminton gun oil.
  5. Good luck with this one. I don't care what the vest says on the front, as long as there are birds in the back. Maybe they can ship you one of their logo's. Check Columbia vests, they seem to have built some nice features in their Grouse and dog vest. I have their Grouse vest, with pockets for a radio, easy access game bag, speed loaders that work half decent, and 2 water bottle holders on the back...one for you and your dog.
  6. I just purchase a SBE II as well in Max4 26", it's an outstanding shotgun for sure. Right now my barrel is at Rhino for porting and forcing cone. They were outstanding to work with and are porting based on my hunting. I'm anxious to get it back for the late season to start soon here in PA.
  7. Thank you. I have a Thompson Encore that is finished with the same kind of process. I have had no problems at all, other than the normal wear and nic or two....which adds character.
  8. seawolf357

    camo paint

    I've been reading reports of the camo paint chipping and pealing off of the SBE II. Can anyone confirm this report? Is there any special care you need to take? thank you...
  9. So, the Rhino .660 choke, are there two selections, the 1" and 2"? I've never heard of that.
  10. I'm glad you mentioned the radios...Midland model GXT 650, I was about to buy a set. I'll hold off for now. I have a cheaper pair of Motorola Talkabouts and they get no more than a mile in PA mountains.
  11. Also, do you know a good place to buy the rhino .660 ported choke?
  12. After spending alot of time last night reading thru the posts, they seem to be the products of choice. How about for over decoys or passing for ducks?
  13. I would like to purchase a good choke for my SBEII. I've checked out the Madd Max, but found they are not qualified for the SBEII. What ones do you recommend or will the Madd Max Hevi work?
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