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  1. thanx REMY ill do that,,,you shootin this weekend?? if so good luck,, the weather over here is way to nice for good duck shoot,, ill be after nooks to the bay at tillamook, the fishin been very good as of late aswell as the crabing,, takein the sbe aswell just in case i can put a move on some salty ducks.. rw..
  2. oh, the only thang that im not happy with is the max-4 camo is coming off in a lot of places. is this comon with benelli guns??... is it part of the warranty?? rw
  3. as for the reason i started this thred,, mexico, well i dont think i will be taking my sbe II down there. it wont run low base shells well enough to take it down. but alls well that ends well,, i love this gun,, thats all i can say,, so far i have over a case of ammo run down it and have not cleaned it yet, i want to see how it takes it.. and not one mishap yet.. i am now, with out dout a BENELLI man.. rw
  4. REMY, hunting on savie island but i did hit the big c on tues the 17th with 26 birds for 4 shooters. down low by lewis & clark.. as for summer lake i have heard that opening weekend was a good shoot, but that it had slowed alot the last couple of days,, we need some northen birds to show up,,,and by the last weather report from my buds in canada the birds are on there way.. rw
  5. well as i said above, i would would let you know how it went.. all i can say is wow, my sbeII shoots perfect, i put 6 boxs of 3in 1 1/4 bb kent loads down the barrle on our opening weeked for ducks, in the sun on sat. and the all day rain on sunday. not one mishap to think of that wasnt user error.. still need to get used to how it shoots..as i am a long time remington guy but what a great smoke pole.. oh, the report for the weekend duck shoot,, i am lucky enough to hunt the best plot of land in our state i think anyway. sat. 152 birds for 26 shooters not bad but then for sunday witc
  6. i have to ask, what is "stovepipe"? thanx rw
  7. cleric, i got just the friend to do it for me, the guy shoots a 10ga for ducks, says it feels good.. any way cleric thanx for the advise, thats what i will do, just bought a case of 3 1/2in bb's. our duck season opens on sat. ill let the mag loads do the talking for me.. oh i cant wait to stack them birds up this year.. ill let you guys know it go's, thanx again guys for the help.. rw
  8. myboyelroy, thanx for the advise, i will make sure to put it all in order before i go. very good advise.. as to puting mag loads through the gun,, im thinking this must softin up the spring? will my sbeII run any low base ammo staight out of the box? when i bought this gun, my thinking was i wanted a gun that will do it all from doves to geese. here in my neck of the woods the bird hunting is very very good for waterfowl and the upland can be just as good at times. i just want to shoot one gun from now on for hunting it all.. any way this site has hepled me very much thanx to al
  9. some help here would be great.. please!! rw
  10. just bought a new sbeII and want to take it to mexico. but as you mite think im going to be shooting there shells. please tell me with good cleaning that my new toy will work without any problems.. has any of you shot that stuff down there with the sbeII.. thanx in advance rw
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