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  1. What were they thinking! My SBE II aint going anywere till I buy a Maxus, Ill save $300.00 over the Vinci Browning gives you a Back Bored Barrel with the wonderfull Invector plus choke system softer recoil and 3.5" chambering, and i can still buy a couple cases of Hevi shot and have a few buck in my pocket when all is said and done. Again what were they thinking building the uglyest auto ever built and charging an arm and a leg for it! Kurt
  2. Shipped it out today UPS $32.00 fully insured. UPS ground. FedEx Blows! Thanks for the tip Mudhen. Kurt
  3. KRL


    Hi Unlucky Duck I have a SBE II and a Franchi 912 as a back up gun, the 912 has gotten a workout since I have had lots of trouble with my SBE II, My 912 has been better than I can ask, not one malfunction! I have shot everything from Cranes to teal with it. Congrats! on your new SBE. Mine will be heading to benelli this week. I hope they find the problem. Kurt
  4. Thanks I talked to Benelli Cust. service today they said FedEx did not know how to ship firearms worth a damb! it all depends on the person you get. it should be around $20 UPS ground. So off to UPS I go. Thanks Mudhen I will look at getting the new spring if this does not work out. Kurt
  5. I will look for another way to get my gun to benelli FedEx is a rip off! sounds like I may have other options. Kurt
  6. Sac. Ca. to Pocomoke MD. with FEDEX firearms must go priority overnight with adult signature required $122.00. Hey MudHen is there any one around Sac. that knows there way around Benelli's? I was thinking of ordering the 25% stronger recoil spring from Midway to see if that stops the link from getting chewed on and stop the Jamming? Kurt
  7. My gun is stovepiping and shaving metal off of the link from the bolt to the recoil spring as it enters the spring housing. Kurt
  8. Wow I just got off the phone with FedEx and cost to return my SBE II for warranty repair, was over $122.00! I cant afford that! My Gun has less than four hundred rounds throught it and it looks like it will be going up for sale, man that hurts, maybe I can find a closer service center? Kurt
  9. KRL


    What shells are you using if you are shooting Kents try Federals, Fast steel is cheap for a reason, Try Winchester Supremes or Frederal Premiums, for chokes you can get good deals on Tru Lock Precision Hunter tubes on Gun Broker or you can go with Briley or even Cabelas chokes they are made by Carlsons. But you are beating your head against a wall if you are shooting cheap shells and looking for good results. Kurt
  10. Ya I think something is out of time as well, Heavy oil light oil or dry only changes how it jams. My back up gun sure has gotten a workout since I bought my Benelli! Ill call customer service in the morning. Kurt
  11. Thanks Tucker I have done the cleaning aready, It sounds like im not the only one with the problem a coulpe guy's on the waterfowling site are having the same problem. Thanks, Kurt
  12. My Gun been thoroughly cleaned multiple times with gun scrubber and brushes when needed. The weather was about 60 degrees and dry and only a thin jacket on. Tucker we are talking about the same stovepipe the shell is hanging out at 90 degrees to the reciever. It was doing it with the empties before I cleaned the recoil spring, The action is much faster now, but it now is stovepiping the live rounds out of the magazine. Mostly on higher angle shots. Thanks, Kurt
  13. I just posted on the main forum about mine doing the samething, Looks like I am not the only one! My safe may have a Xtrema sitting were were my SBE now sits if I cant find a fix soon. Or Maybe a browning Maxus! I cant stand losing sailed birds do to a Jam! Kurt
  14. My SBE II has had problems with stovepiping since I have bought it and it has been cleaned completely with a full teardown, when it was new it would stovepipe the emties on the way out after cleaning it spotless including the recoil spring assembly the action is much faster but now it will stovepipe loaded rounds going into the chamber and it hits them hard putting a very large dent in the side of the loaded shell. It seems to happen only when shooting at around a Fourty Five degree angle. I have tried FP-10,CLP and the supplied Benelli oil, I switched brands of shells samething again but most
  15. KRL

    SBEII Stovepiping HELP

    Ahh! there is that rain failure again, if mine still fails in the rain it will find a new home, and a Xtrema 2 will move in! Kurt
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