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  1. Ohhhh, I must have read through it too fast sorry......
  2. My SBE had a some issues when it was new with the lighter loads. Some people told me there is a break in period. The more I shoot the better it got. I Dont know if the R1 needs a little break in or not but I wouldnt be suprised if it does better on the light stuff once it gets broke in.
  3. I wouldnt recomend anything but a SBE you wont be disapointed. Try and find a used one if you want to save some $$, otherwise wait a while and save a little more cash then buck up for the Benelli.
  4. AaronE

    Lefty Version?

    I have the sbe in the left handed version and absolutly love it, would not purchase another shot gun. I am very hesitant to purchase a right handed auto. (being I shoot left handed) Any Rumors of a left handed version surfacing and time soon?
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