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  1. my sbe2 loves the hornady SST slugs dead on. although i would like to shoot something with more knock down power. I really love this gun, but i was quite suprised at how poorly alot fo slugs shoot out of it. Alot of them are all over the place with no consistancy. Only issue with the SSTs are they dont seem to leave a huge hole and the deer can sometimes run 100 yards or so (sometimes)
  2. I have the SBE II deer barrel and a few years ago i bought two boxes of every slug out there. I ended up using the Hornady 300 Gr SST's. These shoot dead nuts on in my gun atleast. Everything else was all over the place. Sometimes the sst's dont leave a big hole as i would like. So this year I sighted the gun in using the Federal Premium Barnes Tipped Expanders - these seem to shoot well out to around 50-60 yards in my gun and then at 100 yards they are all over the place and i was shooting from a bench rest. With the sst's i was using the burris speed dot that matches the camo on
  3. pod

    SBE2 misfiring?

    The gunsmith never said when they supposedly changed. I waiting till after gun season to send the gun in. I just sent it in, so we will see.
  4. pod

    Not firing also

    call CS and send the gun in
  5. pod

    SBE2 misfiring?

    UPDATE...... The gun smith got a chance to look at my SBEII and he verified the problem. He then contacted Benelli and CS told him that they recently switched vendors for the slug barrels and that they have had some quality issues which causes the rotating bolt not to properly close all of the way. This is what is causing my issue. I was given a RMA and told to send the gun in. This really sucks as i ordered the SBEII and slug barrell July 06, and just got the slug barrell 2 1/2 weeks ago, and now slug season starts the monday after thanksgiving.
  6. pod

    SBE2 misfiring?

    yes, i am starting to think the head is not rotating and locking correctly. I am really surprised to be seeing this type of issue so early on with this gun. well see what happens and i will let you know. I am thinking this purchase might have been a big mistake. Bumping the bolt can make it not want to fire, everyone with their misfire problems etc. arrrrgggg [ 11-13-2006, 09:24 PM: Message edited by: pod ]
  7. pod

    SBE2 misfiring?

    Hello all I am new to the forum and also a new proud owner of a SBE2. I shot about 50 rounds of shot shooting clays out of the bird bbl. I now finally got my rifled slug bbl and have shot several different shells out of it. Federals, winchesters and hornady. Last week I had a few 2nd shot misfires when I was mainly shooting the winchester shells. Today I ran through 5 boxes of the hornady sst slugs and had the same issue happen consistantly. I would load the gun with 2 shells. The first shot would always go off fine. The second shell would get loaded fine, but I would just hear
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