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  1. Hey Fellas: Love upland hunting with my UL, but really want to upgrade my recoil pad. Want a SVL pad unless there is a better one. Sims catalog said #10030 I beleive, bought it. Not even close to fitting. About a 1/4" too short. Was wondering proper pad #, would be great! Thankyou.....
  2. Fellas: Sorry about delay, dropped laptop, no pc for awhile.....Anyway, I shoot 10% sporting clays, 90% upland game. Recoil means nothing to me, i,m 6'4", 260lbs.......Christ I fat:( Would really wonder If they are any help on hunting application only, THANKS!
  3. Ah dude, you must be a pretty easy going guy, by now I would have shashed the piece-o-sh t. Ain't that somethin, guy spends $1000 plus and you get how much lost shooting time. It really does make you wonder are these guns really worth this kind of $$$. Good luck, at least your Remingtons and Brownings will not crap out like that!!!
  4. Was wondering if anyone has tried extended choke tubes, aftermarket, etc. on their Benelli's. Was maybe going to try one, just am really wondering do they actually help pattern, muzzle jump, recoil as stated ? Was "Maybe" leaning towards a "Comp-N-Choke"......Thanks, Bruce.
  5. Does it really matter???
  6. Hello Fellas: Finally received my Ultralight i've been waiting so long for. Now the question: My other Benelli's all have sling swivels, new Ultra has nothin. What are my best options? I would be very hesitant to give to local gunsmith and have him tap magazine cap, and install swivel in Synthetic stock? If it was possible, why wasn't it done at factory? Maybe a weight thing, or the composit stock may not hold swivel threads very well??? I dunno, just looking for a answer I guess.........All i know is by the end of the day walking for roosters in Northern Iowa, and Southern Minnesota, even the lightest gun starts to get a little heavy, a sling is a must. Would rather not use the strap on style some folks use........Thankyou, Happy shootin !!!!!
  7. Wirenut

    26" Ultra-Light

    Fellas: Has anyone seen new 26" Ultra-Light yet? Waiting patiently for local suppliers in my area to get some in. Was told in about another couple weeks up in midwest area where I live......Thanks!
  8. Wirenut

    Choke Tubes ???

    Hello Gentlemen: I own a M2 with Crio barrel/choke tube combination. In the manual it states when using steel shot, use a mod. choke or larger. Is this absolutely necessary when using steel shot? I would prefere to use full choke tube most of the time. Also, on the supersports, they use the extended tubes, are these any better and why. With the extended tubes, are you also limited on tube size when shooting steel shot. If possible, I would like to try the extended tubes in my M2 and see if there is a difference????? Thanks for your input!
  9. Fellas: In southern Mn. it's getting mighty cold now. Out pheasant hunting I notice my action to be extremely slow or maybe sticky? The gun works, but loading and unloading seems waaaay to slow. I used to run the gun almost dry on oil, and had this problem. So then I used very little "Rem-Oil" with still the same results. So is it a quantity of oil used or a quaility of oil used? Thanks......
  10. Okay: Maybe I was at the time a "little" irratated at my findings with inventory in my area at time. Yes you fellas are correct about other weapons as well. I looked for a SX3 ultralight.....Around in spring/summer....None now. So thinking about my comments on the Benneli's, "My bad"
  11. Mudhen: Aww, come on now...I post a message about a dumb gun nothin personal to you or anyone, and you reply like that....First how can you say big words like "Naive", when you don't know "jack"about me except a few lines on a forum i scribbled out. If you think I was whining, tough ****! I thought this was a forum about free speach. I'll try and mature now...Have a lovely day P.s. If we can't say anything positive about someone , maybe shut your mouth:(
  12. Okay, This is more of a vent then anything else, so here goes. Looking into purchasing a New Ultralight in southern Minnesota where I am from. After checking with aprox. (8-10) retailers in a 100 mile radius, it appears there is to be none found. All say the same thing, shipping from factory is horrible, they would not even attempt to give a date, and almost laughed me out of the stores when asked is there a way to special order one!!! This gun was introduced some time ago..... Why try and market it if you cannot produce and ship a reasonable amount? I guess I am my disgusted with the situation then any thing. It is not a big deal not to have a new gun in the cabinet, just the fact Benelli's are by far the most expensive sporting gun out there, then they cannot produce enough for supply and demand....So they want you to patiently wait, and wait, and wait....and finally give up $1200 hard earned dollars, when all along....Lets be honest here, some of those other guns on the retailers racks are just as good in the field for less $$$. So I ask myself....Why do I/We put ourselv's through this foolish mind game? Is it the name were after....Bragging rights to friends...Or some other foolish thing??? Allright, I'm done for now...Let me know if I'm the only one here dissapointed in Bennelli's way of doing business, as well as this dumb mind game we play, or at least i play???
  13. Was thinking about purchasing another Benelli, And since most of my hunting is upland...Was wondering if anyone has heard pro/cons of new Ultralight??? Thanks for your opinions!
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