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  1. fimvit

    M3 Pump?

    I have an m3 as well, you can use it as pump without problem, just be sure the functioning conversion ring is properly set on pump mode and be careful not to rotate it while actioning the pump, or it won't fire. Best Regards
  2. fimvit

    Merry X-Mas!

    Buon Natale and happy holidays to everybody!
  3. fimvit

    M3 Flashlight

    Thanks for your kind reply . That solution ain't bad, what websites could I check to find that stuff? Best regards
  4. fimvit

    M3 Flashlight

    Anyone? [ 12-08-2006, 04:50 AM: Message edited by: fimvit ]
  5. fimvit

    M3 Flashlight

    Hi, I'd like to mount a flashlight to attach under my M3 tactical benelli-made magazine extension, but I don't know what kind of clamp would fit the mag extension properly. Could you give me any advice on that plus on a cheap flashlight to buy along with the clamp? Best regards
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