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  1. I am looking to sell my Benelli SuperNova. I bought it new 2.5 years ago and am going to upgrade to a Browning Maxus. Going by the serial number, it was made in 2003. It is in Advantage Max-4 with a 26" Barrel. I have all the paperwork, box, and shims that came with the gun. I also have quite a few choke tubes that I'd like to sell along with the gun. The gun has wear on the grip and on the magazine tube where the forearm slides along. The inside of the barrel is spotless as I have babied this gun for as long as I've owned it. It gets cleaned everytime it is shot. I use Gunslick Foaming Bore C
  2. You probably have the plug still in the magazine tube. Read your owners manual on how to disassemble and take out the limiting plug in the magazine tube. This tube is there for the 3 shell limit while waterfowling.
  3. hey all; ive read on more than one occasion of novas and SN's trigger sticking back after the first shell is fired; this first happened to me last spring snow goose season and i didnt have a clue what was wrong or what happened; i had to manually pull the trigger forward again to get it unstuck; ive had it happen sporadically since and ive taken the trigger group out and wiped it all out and sprayed out all the gunk with canned air; my question is are there any ways to prevent this or a fix to this? can benelli even fix it? ive never had this happen with any other shotgun ive shot except for t
  4. Thanks alot for the responses guys. I will definitely be heading out to pattern my SN again in the near future with the new shim in but will also bring the other shims along to test them out in comparison to the one I have in. I also am going to get a few other boxes of turkey loads to pattern those also. I want to try some 3" loads with maybe a little less oz. of shot just to see how those do. It seems that alot of guys don't shoot 4's so I'll get some 5's and maybe some 6's to see if the extra amount of shot will help put more in the kill zone. Thanks again for your responses.
  5. Hey. I went out this weekend to do a little patterning of my supernova 26". I was shooting Remington Premier Magnum 3.5" #4 with a 2 1/4 oz. of shot at 1150 fps and Federal Mag-Shock with flitecontrol 3.5" #4 with 2 1/4 oz. of shot also at 1150 fps. The chokes I used were the factory Full, Carlson's extended sporting clays full, and Carlson's Extended Range Steel Shot Full. All chokes have a stated constriction of .695. I shot at Champion X-Ray turkey target from 30 yards measured with a rangefinder. I shot from a table using a caldwell lead sled. The Best overall patterns always come from the
  6. perkis

    Nova Misfire

    if you are having problems with the trigger locking back then that means you are cycling in the next round with the trigger still held back; i had this problem and i found that if you release the trigger while you are cycling in the next shell, that will fix it. i also took out the trigger group and completely dried it off and put a couple drops of oil on the spring and sear only. good luck and try pumping the gun without having the trigger held back. let go of the trigger each time you pump the gun.
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