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  1. very cool... this is why I came to the forum... you elder folk got the low down on all the beta... thanx again Tuckmiester .. and all you other folks who im sure have or will be replying to my newbie questions past present and future lol ... God Bless
  2. always can count on the Tuckmiester for a reply..much thanks Tucker... now did you find that out from a dec office in yoru state? Because every time i call and ask a question to dec here in ny they give me run around answeres... or did you find that information online ? Or is that just common knowledge? The limits they put on the ducks in the rules and regs are same in every state since they are migratory birds? Anyone else wishing the season was just kicking off or is it just me ? lol... after shopping in ebay since end of last season im just about set for my real first year of waterfowl
  3. I was just looking over the last years bag limits and species ... since im a newbie to waterfowling I have to ask... if a species isnt listed on the rules and regulations bag limit for example 1black duck.. 4 mallards, two can be female.... is it still legal to shoot them and what does the unlisted species count as in the daily bag limit... here in NY they didnt list some birds such as Gadwall, Ringneck, Wigeon....does it mean they are birds that cant be taken? I hope I explained this correctly, and isnt a stupid question with an obvious answere. Thank you in adance for replies.
  4. I hear ya.. as soon as im done shooting as much as I can at the crows for the season ill be sending it in. Between the cycling issue and the butt peice issue it def. needs to be sent in for some work. Im just frustrated and venting. Im sure most guns have there issues, I just never expected it from a brand new sbe2. thank you all for your input.
  5. my SBE2 is jamming with everything just about from 3 1/2 steel to 2 3/4 sporting loads for clays its killing me .... spend 1500 ona shotgun and it keeps jamming ???? starting to think i should have just got Beretta... honestly though, why are there so many issues with what is supposed to be the top of the line in auto loaders ?
  6. Anyone done this or have any ideas as to how to do it? eBay: DUCK & GOOSE MOTION DECOY PLANS- ROBO FEEDER-HUNTING CD (item 160079016930 end time Feb-02-07 19:59:38 PST) This is a cd we have compiled and is exclusive to stick in a box productions. Do not accept imitations, the instructions are easy step by step with color photos. Not something that was crudly done and slapped on a cd. Also included is some helful tips to make your hunting experiences better and more comfortable. Not to mention a video clip for each of the decoys in action that this cd will show you how to build. This cd
  7. ... hahahahahaha... yeah i been going through all the old threads and i havent seen him post since that condo he was building... strange...and did everyone find better places to post or what? Place is quiet aside from you and i and a couple others... * watches tumbleweed blow through forum...
  8. What ever came of this blind... Duck Blind Construction Pics **UPDATED** - Benelli USA Forums love to see the final product and the flooded land, ....and how you made out ... or did we lose Waylon in the flooding process?
  9. hahahaha.... you got me looking at my change barrel and scratching my head lol.... I didnt mean a place to hunt * banging head on table, ... I meant more of a place to go through withdrawl... lol ... aghhh * googling Argentina Duck hunts lol anyone interested or been to Argentina and knows a good place/ guide etc ? ... * shaking head at ya.. thanx again lol
  10. Hot dang Tucker!!! You got all the answeres my brother thanx again.. add it to my tab lol... you wouldnt happen to know if there is a place to rehab from the quack addiction would ya? ughh again much ablidged T man
  11. Does anyone know of a website showing detailed or have a picture of a jerk line set up? Everywhere I read.. Duck brothers are saying its best way to put motion in the spread, but i cant find detailed photo explaining it . I understand the concept , just would like a visual on it
  12. very good, thanx nodog... yeah from the demo video i saw they look bad azzed, as far using um on land standing or self righting floaters... the 2man boat i want to get is the reason i thought they would be ideal since you mentioned it... anyone own a otter boat 2000 or 1200? Or have opinions on another 2 man sneak boat for shallow water floating..
  13. Anyone familiar with these decoys ? If so whats your opinion on them ?Blackwater Decoy Co. - Features of Blackwater FUD Fold-up Decoys
  14. its about 7-10 at the deepest and in middle of the swamp... its mostly flooded timber, the main channel is the deep and visualy clear area where i would imagine the decoys would mostly be set up to catch the eye of the incoming...at early morning etc, coming in to feed along the banks and flooded timber... would it be best if i set up off the channel and into the timbers?? In your opinions where would be best to set up? Open water or in the flooded timbers?
  15. howdy all.. looking to rig up decoys and being new to it I thought I would ask for input. Im mostly hunting currented/stagnent swamp,flooded timber.. at deepest I've found so far the water is 7-10 feet deep. Do I want them a lil shorter or longer to allow them to move with wind, current.. or is the answere obvious? Much ablidged in advance for any responces... also would you rig some to the front and some to the back of keel or just the front...? Any rigging advice of any kind appreciated ..that sums it all up ... lol
  16. lol SO hevi shot isnt lead ... and its not steel.. ty load guru tucker ... this is why i came to the site to learn so i can someday hopefully be wise like you .. I just started waterfowl hunting last month, and was handed the shells I used,.... * bowing to the guru of waterfowl ammo and guns... thank you again old wise ones =P
  17. ok but b's for duck would still be steel, would it not?
  18. all i was asking is if he is sure he should be shooting steel through the i.m. ... because the one that came with my SBE 2 says not for steel... what did i ask that was so wrong ?
  19. I had same problem with butt falling off and it is only week and half old ...i didnt notice it till i was a mile into the swamp with the poke boat... talk about being pissed , i thought i lost it in teh water.. luckily was in the truck when i got back , talk about freaked out and cussing.. 1500 bucks and that happens? Now I have to worrie about the camo wearing off? Making me think i should have got a Browning .. let us know what comes of it all .. and what did you do about the butt problem? im wondering if i should glue that sucker on.
  20. i had a incodent with the butt of my SBE where the peice had come off and i was 2 miles down the swamp before i realised it and thought it came off in boat and perhaos fell into swamps... got back to the truck and it was under the seat where the gun had been laying... talk about freaking out... 1500 dollars and the butt falls off???? anyone else have this happen?
  21. wow is your improved modified for steel? cus my SBE came with a improved mod and it says not to be used with steel shot...
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