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  1. I emailed Bill earlier and he did say "summertimeish". This is great news!!!
  2. $50? You sir should leave the house right now and buy a lotto ticket. And ist it the grip or stock that will not go on?
  3. Your Tele Stock will work with the recoil tube already on your M4 (assuming the tube is notched for the tele stock). Just remove the trigger assembly, then your pistol grip stock, and screw the pistol grip from the tele stock on, then follow the instructions in your Benelli manual to attach the tele stock. Hope this helps, Jeremy
  4. Yes they are there, you just really have to look hard. So did you get your field stock on?
  5. John, Your pistol grip has every part shown. The screws are kinda hard to see because they are behind two very tiny holes in the pad on the back of the stock, but they are there. However, none of those parts need to be removed to get your stock off, the only thing you need to remove is the trigger assembly, which is simply held in place by the retaining pin on the side of your receiver. After the trigger assembly is removed, the whole stock, grip and all, will simply unscrew from your receiver. Your field stock should go on the same way. Hope this helps, Jeremy
  6. Your welcome, glad I could help.
  7. NTSOS, To remove the stock on the M4, you do not have remove any nuts or bolts. The only thing you have to remove is the trigger assembly, then the whole stock will screw off from the receiver. Hope this helps, Jeremy
  8. Glad you are pleased with it, and thank you for a very smooth transaction.
  9. Sold pending funds to matt (sneakerfreak602)
  10. I have sent pics and more info to your email, and thank you, Jeremy
  11. Well the previous buyer has failed to contact me in regards to my collapsible stock so I am putting it for sale again as I know thier were other intrested members. Price remains the same ($500.00+shipping). PM me or email me ([email protected]). Thanks, Jeremy
  12. Sold to Michael Palombi pending funds. Michael i sent you an email, thanks.
  13. Not trying to hijack a thread, but I figure since its already sold I wont step on any toes. But if anyone was still looking for a collapsible stock I have one for sale as well for the same price.
  14. Well as much as I hate to do so I am selling my M4 factory telescoping stock, but fiance lost her job and we could use the cash. She wanted me to sell the whole gun, I told her I would but she would have to sell her ring, needless to say we came to a compromise and I told her I would sell the stock. I paid $780 for it, I am asking $600 and a factory PG fixed stock. I am from the St Louis area and if possible would prefer to deal in person, however I know most of you are not from this area so no prob if you are not. I do have pics however for some reason I cannot post them on here, so either PM me with email or you can email me [email protected]
  15. This may be kind of a dumb question, but is it ok to shoot 00 buck through a rifled choke tube on my M4, or are rifled chokes strictly for slugs? I have asked a few people and cant really seem to get a straight answer on the subject, so I figured I would try here, any info is greatly appreciated.
  16. My buddy just bought a supernova tactical, and I seen that the reciever is threaded to add a picatinny rail but thier are covers inside the threads on the top, does anyone know how those come out, I didnt know if they just pop out or they have to be screwed out, any info would be appreciated, Jeremy
  17. Sorry wintwu, didnt mean to hijack your thread.
  18. My problem is that the notches on the buffer tube do not seem to be deep enough so that when the gun is fired the stock moves and it is starting to take material off of the buffer tube from the movement, so eventually it will not hold its position when the gun is fired. I sent it back once and they replaced the stock and buffer tube, I took it out to the range once and it is starting to do it again, am I the only one having this problem? I really dont want to permanantly mount the stock in its current position because i like the fact it collapses (obviously), but then again I dont want to keep sending it back to Benelli. Any suggestions?
  19. I recently had to send my M4 back to Benelli for a problem with my stock, I completely stripped the gun with the exception of socom guy's full length mag tube I had just installed, Benelli fixed my stock under warranty, no questions asked. Unfortunately, I am having the same problem with my stock again, anyways to answer your question in short, no, you shouldnt have a problem. (unless it has something to do with the part you installed)
  20. With the factory mag tube it will hold 5 rounds, with an extention or full length tube, it will hold 7. The military M4 has a full length tube on it, so it will hold 7.
  21. I am also very pleased with Benelli CS. I had to send in my reciever because my collapsable stock was some how taking material off of the buffer tube (I guess it was a clearance problem) and causing it to collapse under the recoil when i fired it. Anyways i sent it in and i constantly called for updates on it, CS reps were very professional and friendly and answered all my questions, I couldnt be more pleased with them. By the way i got the reciever back last week and they replaced the buffer tube and stock and it now functions flawlessly.
  22. Yes, the gun was brand new in box when i got it. I sent it back to Benelii last week, so hopefully they can figure out the cause. To me it kind of felt like the stock was getting hung up on something when i would collapse it, like some sort of clearance problem with the stock itself, or the tube.
  23. Well I called Benelli CS this morning and i have to send in the reciever, but like d said, i guess i better do it while i still can.
  24. I was at the range today putting some rounds throught the M4 and my collapsible stock kept coming lose, so i took the stock off and there were a ton of shavings on the buffer tube, i also noticed that the grooves that hold the stock in place were grinded down, not really sure what caused this, so i was just curious if anyone else has had this problem, and i seriously doubt i can get a new buffer tube from Benelli. I thought about SOCOMguy too, he had mentioned he would try making them if he had one to copy, nevertheless, any info would be appreciated, thanks. Jeremy
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